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XieXie! 70 Likes on Fb

Thank you all for supporting me, at least to like this Facebook page! Every single new like gives me energy to continue my passion for film making/promoting Chinese martial arts and its philosophy/ able to share this with you makes me feel so lucky. I’ll keep up the blogs and hopefully work on aCreations when […]

Limbo adventure

Today I went to Limbo. After a talk with the mentor, she guided us to the operation area. It was a new experience to me, getting in to the Avatar space craft 770 C is really exciting. Although, the machine is really high-tech with a futuristic design, I was actually not confident enough to leave […]

ACSU Wushu class

KUNGFU KIDS !! Cool Right? The first two weeks of the Wushu class was like oh my gosh, how did I land with those naughty kids?! But after some weeks, I remember their names and the kids are starting to listen. So that makes it a bit easier. Some are really cute, some are very […]

Salsa Team Utrecht

S.T.U. I like this . . obviously it stands for Salsa Team Utrecht =) So is this the beginning of a new Salsa group? Last Saturday, we had a Salsa workshop given by a lovely dancing couple. It was different than the normal Wushu training. Surprisingly, it was quite popular and people start coming from […]

China Festival Show [Backstage]

(Excuse me for blogging back in time, please see it as a flashback right =P ) Well, first of all thanks Kit our networking manager for giving me the opportunity to cooperate with Kosmopolis and so to give you guys a great show. As you know I was in Hong Kong this late summer. I […]

Alex Cheung training Butterfly Twist

The Butterfly Twist. Somewhere deep in my childhood memories, remembering my Wushu Sifu in his white shaolin vest demonstrated it in those days. Wow, I still find it very cool. Realizes more and more that for demonstration purposes, showing kungfu is not enough, what is useful does not always looks good. Especially if not a […]

Optimus Lobster gets Decepticon Cichlid

After 7 months, Optimus Lobster and my Bumblebees are grown up. His wife is pregnant, I put it apart so that she could get some rest and take care of the eggs. It’s the first time I see a lobster carrying lots of eggs under his tail. It looks very special. But Tonight, Optimus Lobster […]

Yesh, I am a millionaire!

Don’t be silly, it is too early to dream my friend. 1) If I am a millionaire I wouldn’t have said that. 2) If I am a millionaire, I wouldn’t write blogs by myself. How sad! Perhaps let my secretary do that. 3) If I won the million dollars jackpot, not a single dollar is […]

The way the story goes . .

When I was driving around in my Dark Angel. I was thinking, and slowly water drops blurred my view that street lightnings changed to blinking stars. Is it because this song was playing? Then everywhere I go, it started to rain. I woke up and turned my steering wheel immediately, I hit the brakes. Shocked, […]

Mystery Kungfu Man

This evening, I have met someone very interesting and inspiring to me. I went to a local Ving Tsun School to check out how their lessons are given, and hopefully to pick up something. I had made an appointment with the instructor to come by. Then I told Kithang about it and he picked up […]