Salsa Team Utrecht


I like this . . obviously it stands for Salsa Team Utrecht =)

So is this the beginning of a new Salsa group?

Last Saturday, we had a Salsa workshop given by a lovely dancing couple. It was different than the normal Wushu training. Surprisingly, it was quite popular and people start coming from everywhere and then the court was full of dancing bodies. We started with the basic footsteps and continued with the right turn. It was fun to do. Actually I was interested in Salsa and I always wanted to try it out, but never took time to find a partner/teacher. The girl next door does Salsa, but ya that’s it.

The Kungfu men group against the ladies, it was fun and the music is relaxing. The movements of your body should be flawless and you should really try to listen to follow the rhythm. In the beginning it is really about finding the right footsteps and timing. After some tries, you are able to do the basic dancing steps of Salsa =)

Although it is not sticky hands or Tai Chi pushing hands, it is similar to Kungfu because you need to feel your partner or opponent in some cases. Your posture and footsteps are very important just like doing Kungfu forms, it is both a body expression.

Here are some pictures taken by our mighty Kinghey i guess? Whatever, it should be one of the K.H.’s

While we were dancing it reminds me to this video with Stephen Chow and Athena Chu

And last but not least, you definitely shouldn’t miss this performance, really love this thing –)>  watch . .

Wow, hot or not.,  it’s just beautiful =)

I would recommend everybody to try out Salsa dancing if you have the chance. And now I have to finish some preparation work for tomorrow so I’m out!