A Journey to the East series 2 – Mothersday AC Vlog 11 (Rose with Love 爱心玫瑰 2)

I saw this man sitting in the middle of the Mongkok streets, and I was attracted by his roses. It’s so beautifully handcrafted. Then I had a glimpse at his hands and saw that he has a handicap. The box next to him states: Rose with love. It is for donations. Then I went closer and tried to have a chat with him. Because I was interested why he is sitting here making roses and curious of his story what really happened to him causing him in such situation. I had some change in my pocket and donated in the box. After a talk, I bought a rose from him.

Happy Mothersday

Although I cannot celebrate it with you in person,  I have bought you a rose with love. Hope you like it Mom.

妈妈祝你, 身体健康, 工作顺利, 节日快乐!

This is not a normal rose, it is a rose with special meanings, please see the video.

这不是一个普通的红玫瑰, 而是有意义, 请看片。

But the most important is, that this is from me to you.

但是最重要的是, 这是我送给你的心意。

Today, I hope that all the moms would smile from their hearts, because just when mom is happy, we are happy!

希望今天, 所有的母亲都会发动笑声或从心里微笑, 因为只要妈妈快乐, 我们就快乐!

Today, I made 2 mama’s smile. And that makes the 3rd smile.  =)

This was my lunch for today =)

pork vegetables rice and a la carte salmon dish with lemon tea.

Then I went to some bakery to take some cakes home for my grandparents.

My grandfather bought some nice and fresh Hong Kong lobsters from the market for 50 euros each.

Needs superior cooking skills to make a good dish from it.

The Chinese cuisine is one of the finest of the world, so that makes it clear that enjoying food is of great value for Chinese people. Lots of restaurants were fully booked because of Mothersday. Some even booked their reservation a month ago. On the streets, there were lots of people, shopping centers were crowded.

I have had a nice dinner at home today.

I don’t know why, but somehow I can have great talks with seniors. Tonight I had another long talk with a friend of my grandfather. She taught me a lesson, or frankly speaking, she shared some life experiences with me. It seems like I’ve been chosen to talk to them, because it is quite often that parents of my friend and seniors in my network likes to talk to me. Although sometimes they could be talking for so long, but you can learn a lot from them. And it is totally different than talking to someone in your age or younger. Their conversations have lot more meaning. I think the most important is to have a good ear to respect them.