Kung Fu workshop

This morning I gave a Kung Fu lesson at a local Dutch college. The students were around 17/18 years old. I am glad that this school pays extra attention to sports and Martial Arts, especially allowing me to introduce Chinese Kung Fu to this group of students. Karate, Teakwondo, Judo are all familiar sports. But how about Chinese Kung Fu? Which is the father of various Martial Arts.

I asked them to describe Kung Fu in 1 word. The Dutch students in majority said 1 word : ‘Complicated’. Now I was thinking, why does it seems so complicated to these youngsters?  It might because of the rather new and unknown movements of Kung Fu. It comes from the far East, and I can say there is zero attention in the Dutch media about Chinese Kung Fu. What people get to see are the fancy kicks and people flying around in such Kung Fu movies. Which is of course not a realistic image of the Arts of Chinese Kung Fu. We start the class with the Kung Fu greeting and the experience starts. Actually, with proper explanation and guidance, the students learn very fast. The PE teacher recorded the class for evaluation. The students have to learn the theory as well and pass the test. In my opinion all schools should have Kung Fu classes once in a while, simply because of the many benefits of practicing it. (stretching, basic stances, proper body structure, tai chi, self defence) Chinese Kung Fu is a valuable Art.

When I finished teaching I wandered around in the school. It gaves me some old memories from the college time. Now looking back it was a wonderful time isn’t it?

This is what happened when the Kung Fu class starts!

I’m just kidding, the school bell rang.

Glorious stars

Just when I want to pull down the curtains and go to sleep I saw a very bright star blinking. I looked at it through the small window for a few minutes. The star was so attractive and I had a special feeling like it is communicating. Despite the freezing temperature outside, I decided to open the window and hang out the window with my head turned upside down facing the sky. Now I can see thousands of stars. I realised that when I didn’t opened the window I would have missed the chance to see all the other stars and the heavenly beauty.

You may have heard of the frog in the well story; Stop glancing at the sky at the bottom of the well.

In Life – If you never take the step to see the outside world, You would never know there are such beautiful things in this world.

On Love – Sometimes you need to let go one, to discover the existence of others.

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