Salsa Team Utrecht


I like this . . obviously it stands for Salsa Team Utrecht =)

So is this the beginning of a new Salsa group?

Last Saturday, we had a Salsa workshop given by a lovely dancing couple. It was different than the normal Wushu training. Surprisingly, it was quite popular and people start coming from everywhere and then the court was full of dancing bodies. We started with the basic footsteps and continued with the right turn. It was fun to do. Actually I was interested in Salsa and I always wanted to try it out, but never took time to find a partner/teacher. The girl next door does Salsa, but ya that’s it.

The Kungfu men group against the ladies, it was fun and the music is relaxing. The movements of your body should be flawless and you should really try to listen to follow the rhythm. In the beginning it is really about finding the right footsteps and timing. After some tries, you are able to do the basic dancing steps of Salsa =)

Although it is not sticky hands or Tai Chi pushing hands, it is similar to Kungfu because you need to feel your partner or opponent in some cases. Your posture and footsteps are very important just like doing Kungfu forms, it is both a body expression.

Here are some pictures taken by our mighty Kinghey i guess? Whatever, it should be one of the K.H.’s

While we were dancing it reminds me to this video with Stephen Chow and Athena Chu

And last but not least, you definitely shouldn’t miss this performance, really love this thing –)>  watch . .

Wow, hot or not.,  it’s just beautiful =)

I would recommend everybody to try out Salsa dancing if you have the chance. And now I have to finish some preparation work for tomorrow so I’m out!

China Festival Show [Backstage]

(Excuse me for blogging back in time, please see it as a flashback right =P )

Well, first of all thanks Kit our networking manager for giving me the opportunity to cooperate with Kosmopolis and so to give you guys a great show. As you know I was in Hong Kong this late summer. I just left my friends apartment at Cathay City in Hong Kong, crossing the Tsing Ma Bridge when he called me up for this event and we talked for half an hour a long distance call. When I was back in Holland, I contacted Kosmopolis who is organising this China Festival. It is a very interesting event because it was the celebration of Chinese overseas who established in Utrecht a 100 years ago and also the Chinese Moonfest, so very meaningful. But the missing part was to involve the younger generation in this event apart from all the traditional activities such as Chinese Opera, Acrobatics, traditional dance and instrumental playings. There were also looking for some modern art etc. So, I was programmed in this big event along with my short film ‘A Single Step’. Then I started to contact our Kungfu Performing team and did the choreography and rehearsal. I was happy to ask around in my network and tip my friends to participate in this event .  . Because you can’t be successful alone, you need each other!

Carmen our hard working volunteer, look how happy she is!

To me, it was very challenging to have a good Kungfu show in front of so many people on stage of Stadschouwburg Theatre. Remembering when I was a kid watching shows in the same theater.           July 1998

I was so excited about it and able to do something for the Chinese community, promoting the culture to different societies is really great! It is meaningful and you can learn so many things and the experience it’s just goood.. It brightens up my life more and more! And I hope you guys are enjoying it too!

Oké, enough talkies, time for some pics right? 😉


wow, this plug is huge!                                                         and the floor was kind of hard . .  ouch

The big day =)

This is the place where we transformed ssssst, and I was wearing my artists bracelet which able me to get access to the backstage and of course the food supply =)

Well, this is my auntie. She has taken care of me for a while when I was kid. I am happy to see her here, sharing the stage with her and our thoughts about the performance. She’s part of the Chinese traditional dance group.

Nervous?  Of course more or less we are, especially the last few minutes before the show, but once on stage you are so focused to your performance that you forget about it. The most exciting moment to me was when we were upstairs at the top row of the balcony looking down on the stage, fully crowded. That was really amazing. It felt like butterflies in your stomach. Standing next to me was Koon, I remember that moment; Koon, we are performing there on stage . . man, that’s amazing, wow!

5 minutes left, we were getting ready backstage. It was quite funny at that special moment, because we all had our own posture. Koon was lying on the ground looking to the cool blue ceiling and David was meditating, the other was lying flat on the floor, everyone has its own way to release, which was quite special. We were waiting for the technical sign, I saw the previous performing group walk by, then I heard one of the Chinese opera performers whispering my name, and I walked to the woman in the beautiful emperor’s costume. At first sight I couldn’t recognize her, but it is another auntie of mine! So I to talked to her spontaneously and she answered immediately: Ssssst.. the microphone on my neck is turned on! So everybody could hear us talking haha

My auntie doing the Make Up

The sphere was great! Really love being on stage entertaining the audience, for the fans and warm applause! Love you guys!

I want to thank everybody for coming. It was a wonderful day and love all  the great responses!

Alex Cheung training Butterfly Twist

The Butterfly Twist. Somewhere deep in my childhood memories, remembering my Wushu Sifu in his white shaolin vest demonstrated it in those days. Wow, I still find it very cool.

Realizes more and more that for demonstration purposes, showing kungfu is not enough, what is useful does not always looks good. Especially if not a practitioner of kungfu you can easily be blinded by the fancy movements and flying kicks etc. which the average spectator applause for.

So I decided to take some time of my training schedule to learn more of these good looking moves . .

Optimus Lobster gets Decepticon Cichlid

After 7 months, Optimus Lobster and my Bumblebees are grown up. His wife is pregnant, I put it apart so that she could get some rest and take care of the eggs. It’s the first time I see a lobster carrying lots of eggs under his tail. It looks very special.

But Tonight, Optimus Lobster gets in action, he got a Decepticon alive! And is finishing it right now . . he’s tearing it out in pieces,.

Yup, it happens all the time in the nature . .

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Yesh, I am a millionaire!

Don’t be silly, it is too early to dream my friend.

1) If I am a millionaire I wouldn’t have said that.

2) If I am a millionaire, I wouldn’t write blogs by myself. How sad! Perhaps let my secretary do that.

3) If I won the million dollars jackpot, not a single dollar is wasted. No, I will send it directly to charity funds.

(you know I won’t . . . I mean win a million dollars =)

But What about a BIG house

or a Penthouse on Top of the City?

wow isn’t it?

with a Polo Blue Motion parked at the front door

and an Aston Martin Rapide in the garage. (it’s only 259.000 euros for the 6,0-liter V12 engine with design and hand-craftsmanship)

and of course I would buy each of you a delicious soft ice-cream at the local Mcdonald =)

a Dream come true right, No? Then what would you suggest?

Okay, none of them are true. So, let’s get to reality.

The reason why I wrote this blog, is because I was annoyed by those scam mailings. I mean, the last two weeks I thought I won the Spanish lottery draw twice! Which I have never paid for.

I have received many of these Phising mails, fake websites just looks like the original ones and often directs users to enter details. Those fake website are almost identical to the legitimate one. So please be careful and think twice before you click on suspected websites and remember not to share your personal details so easily!

“In the United Kingdom losses from web banking fraud—mostly from phishing—almost doubled to GB£23.2m in 2005, from GB£12.2m in 2004.” So, they must be millionaires now with their fishing businesses. You must be patient with that I guess.

Take a look at the next three examples which I have received recently. It is quite funny if you focus on the details and hopefully, this will  bring up your awareness to this matter.

Funny right?

Have you ever looked in your junk mail? I think it must be horrible if your filter stops working!

If you received these mails too? Post it here below and share your thoughts.