I am Alex Cheung


Acting in Film/TV

  • 2017 – I.N.D.O. – Documentaire
  • 2017 – Flikken Rotterdam – jonge Chinese man
  • 2017 – Hope – Short film
  • 2017 – 8 minutes ahead – Creepy grin
  • 2016 – TV Powned – Schiphol Taxi ronselaars als lokChinees
  • 2016 – TV Klem afl. 6 – Chinese gangster
  • 2016 – TV Puur geluk staatsloterij – Chinese fan/tourist
  • 2015 – TV Divorce guest in a illegal fight club
  • 2015 – TV Jeuk BNN-VARA – Chinese businessman
  • 2015 – TVB Blue Veins TV drama serie – Side role as Mr. Blue
  • 2015 – Dutch Commercial Routenet – Sportscar styling driver
  • 2014 – TV Sinterklaasjournaal as Asian tourist
  • 2014 – Employee in the TV commercial of supermarket Albert Heijn
  • 2014 – Billboard Bill in the Hi commercial studentenservice campaign photo/video model (link)
  • 2014 – Geer & Goor drakendans en Kungfu optreden (link)
  • 2014 – Comedy Central – Popoz  season 2 episode 1 as (link)
  • 2014 – Commercial Arval as acountmanager (link)
  • 2014 – Lead actor as Chinese exchange student in the ISN promo short film by Anil Wagemans
  • 2014 – Guestrole in a Dutch TV game show CHECKPOINT episode 8 (link)
  • 2014 – Lead actor as the Groom in the Cinemasia short film Wedding Tea by Alex Lai (link)
  • 2013 – TV Series – Ned 3 VPRO ‘Toren C’ guest role as Chinese businessman
  • 2013 – Interview reportage snackbar overval Utrecht (link)
  • 2013 – Young man from China in the All you need is love Videoland commercial Lovebus
  • 2012 – 8 minutes ahead as douchebag by Ben Hoskyn
  • 2012 – Master Sun in Unbeatable Youth by Ken Yip
  • 2012 – Young Chinese guy in Move On the Road movie by Hollywood director Asger Leth (link)
  • 2012 – Lead actor in the ‘UC1.2’ short film teaser (link)
  • 2012 – Lead actor in the short film ‘The Getaway’ (link)
  • 2012 – De meeste dromen zijn bedrog short film (link)
  • 2012 – Supporting role in the short film ‘Lost in Amsterdam’ (link)
  • 2012 – Militaire Defensie commercial (link)
  • 2012 – Cinemartial Arts performance (link)
  • 2012 – Utrecht Chinees Nieuwjaar teaser promo van aCreations voor stichting Kosmopolis (link)
  • 2012 – Photo model Postcode Loterij
  • 2012 – Commercial Postcode Loterij
  • 2011 – TV Talkshow Episode ‘Stellen’ – NCRV Spirit 24 Alex & Koon (Kung Fu buddies)
  • 2011 – Commercial Douwe Egberts
  • 2011 – TV Reality Show – TVB Kungfu Supernova (全球功夫新星) Finalist. (link)
  • 2011 – TVB Photoshoot Kung Fu model
  • 2011 – TV show – BNN  ‘De gekste dag’ as adopted son of Gordon
  • 2011 – TV Serie – Ned 3 VPRO ‘Toren C’ guest role as Chinese businessman
  • 2011 – Short film ‘My Dearest Mastermind’ as lead actor (link)
  • 2011 – TV serie – Tros ‘Bananensplit’ as Kungfu fighter
  • 2011 – Film ‘Amsterdam Heavy’ as Thai Guard (DVD release)
  • 2010 – Film – ‘Ataraxia’ as Chinese master
  • 2010 – TV Quiz Show – NCRV Spirit24 ‘Ik weet waar jouw huis woont’ as team member
  • 2010 – TV serie – RTLxl ‘Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden’ as guest in café de Koning
  • 2010 – Internet Viral Commercial – ‘Nederland – Japan: Nuon energy’ as Japanese supporter
  • 2010 – Rabobank Commercial – Sponsoring ‘Meer winnen dan de wedstrijd’ as teamplayer (link)
  • 2010 – Short film ‘A Single Step’ lead’s rival (link)
  • 2009 – TucTuc Deal viral contest (link)

Voice over

  • 2013 – Buddha’s voice @ whosyabuddha.com
  • 2012 – Wudao Kungfu tutorial lesson 1

Film Directing

2012 – UC1.2 Teaser short film
2012 – De meeste dromen zijn bedrog short film
2010 – A Single Step short film
2009 – Tuc Tuc Deal internet commercial
2009 – UC1.2 short film episodes
2008 – Wushu Story short film


Finalist CinemAsia Film Festival. Short Film “A Single Step”
CinemAsia Film Festival Premiere Screening Filmtheater Het Ketelhuis Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Short Film “A Single Step”

Screening Binger Film Lab. Short Film “A Single Step”

Screening Television channel Salto Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Short Film “A Single Step”

Special Mention / Screening OLON Awards en de volgende complimenten van de jury van de OLON Awards: “De makers van de korte film ‘A single step’ slagen er in om met beperkte middelen toch iets bijzonders te maken. Het is knap dat ze op originele wijze en met humor het verhaal visueel maken. De vechtscenes zijn een hoogtepunt.”

Screening CRTV & ACSS Pakhuis De Zwijger. Short Film “A Single Step” 

Screening Filmtheater WORM Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Short Film “A Single Step”

What other say about me and my work

‘He combines the hard and soft side of kung fu very well. Like Tai Chi, it shows that he is able to do the Northern style, but his Southern Kungfu style is very good too’

Master Lau Kar YungShaw Brothers Actor/Martial Artist#

‘He gives me a very peaceful feeling. You can see his intention, the calmness, and state of mind fully expressed with the beautiful movements.’

Kara Hui 惠英紅Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Actress#

‘His movements are very smooth and natural. He fulfills my requirements, even from the perspective in film.’

Tony Leung Siu Hung Hong Kong movie action choreographer, actor (Ip Man)

‘Hij is een Kung Fu talent, snel en flexibel. Zijn lichaam is erg geschikt om Wingchun te leren’.

Wan Kam LeungPractical Wingchun Grandmaster

‘Hij is een Kung Fu talent vanwege zijn bevattingsvermogen en zijn lichaam is goed gebalanceerd, de verdeling van de armen en benen zijn correct. Zijn bewegingen zien er dan heel natuurlijk en mooi uit, en dat maakt hem erg geschikt voor het beoefenen van Kung Fu.

Chen Shi XingWudang Sanfeng Sect. 15th generation master

“Alex is a true Martial Artist, his extensive knowledge, perfected skills and his personal approach in his teachings make him a great Modern Master, who also guides you beyond the physical powers into the true wisdom and philosophy of this ancient art.”

Jenny HsiaActress

CSA EUR Transparant LogoAlex Cheung gave an inspiring performance at the Erasmus University, which he showed us his power and energy very strongly by his martial arts skills. The most surprising was that he was able to withstand two man from the audience whom together pushed against him at the same time and couldn’t even move him. The performance was very well done and both interesting and educational.



RIP Lau Kar Leung Sifu

Hong Kong 25 June 2013 – This morning Hong Kong director Lau Kar Leung sifu passed away at age 76. He is a legendary Martial Artist who influenced the whole film industry in Martial Arts films, where his nickname ‘Kungfu Leung’ came from. He had been battling lymphatic cancer for two decades. Lau was the third child […]


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