CFO office chair for sister’s birthday

So this is the follow up of my last blog. We had a great time with my sisters birthday and I shot some photos and videos with my new DSLR lens. I’m really happy that I payed for 80 euro’s more having the VC function which reduces the shocks and stabilizes the video. The video is uploaded on my Youtube account AlexCheungVlog. If i’m mounting it on the steadycam it would even smoother, wow can’t wait to see it! Yalen is working on a new ‘manfrottosteadycam for our aCreations productions. Yeah, we’re coming back this summer!

Okay, back to topic. So I came up with the idea to buy my sister a new office chair since she is not really using her earlier one, because that one really sucks. It was a lounge chair more than a office chair. And it wasn’t cheap bought 3 years ago. This is the bomb! So we bought this one at the ikea, it is sitting very comfortable. Xin said to me, since he was with me when we tested out numerous of chairs, damn, if I knew this had the back leaning function I would have bought this one last week!

I installed the offfice chair and wrapped up the empty box, well, we put some wax candles with cranberry scent in the box and the manual of the chair. When she opened up the box it was empty, such a big box and only with the candles in it. Then we carried the chair carefully downstairs for the surprise effect while singing the birthday song.

So this is it, she is already using it everyday. And our mission to keep her working place at her desk rather than her bed did worked! Hi 5

Happy Birthday to my sister

22nd March – Today is a special day, because it is the birthday of my sister Mandy Cheung! and we’re both born in March! 😀 So it was always a very nice month to be remembered!

She is one of the most important persons in my life. We grow up together, eat, play, hang out together. We shared all the good and bad stuff. Tasted for the first time the sweet flavor of candy’s and the bad taste of the sour traditional Chinese medicine soups. Having lived with her for more than 20 years, we experienced lots of fun and unforgettable times, we had good times and bad times.We fought for the same teddy bear, and had kids talk. I still remember one time we ran around at home with an incense and creaming each other in with creme to relief the itchiness of the chicken-pox. We wrote Chinese characters and words on the back of each other, then we had to guess what the other had written. It was such a fun time.

For outsiders we are a lovely couple of brother and sister. I still remember the times we play outside, since i’m elder I had to take care of her while playing outside. But instead I was telling her scary and cool stories which made things a bit more adventurous, haha.

I love the beautiful moments we have together, and appreciate your being.

Hope to share life forever, and I wish you to successfully finish your degree and graduate this new year. Above all, hope to see you smile everyday 🙂

Toast on forever young and smart my dear sister ~

From your only brother ~

Feng Shui interior working place

Last night I was thinking about the WHY question and suddenly the idea of changing my sister’s desk popped up.

It could solve her problem of sitting for most of the time in her bed with the mac. Since her chair wasn’t comfortable enough. Also the way the desk was placed look good thought in the overall furniture, but I found a little problem that when someone enters the room, he or she can exactly see what she was doing. And if sitting behind the desk she is not facing any visitor entering her room. So I believe it is a kind of privacy concern.

It’s almost her birthday March 22nd, and as the Cheung’s family hands on mentality we couldn’t wait for another two days. So we’ve decided to change the interior working place furniture. Although it isn’t a big difference, but it should drive the energy flow in a different way and hopefully encourages her to have a better use of her nice working place.



Wudao Kungfu lesson

We had the opening of the Wudao Kungfu lessons in our new gym studio @ Welgelegen sports centre. It is always exciting how many students are joining the class. You’re waiting in the studio and doing some warming up. Luckily while warming up another group of students came in. We’re hoping to encourage more women to participate in our training lesson. Down below, Vanessa made some nice pictures and video.

Wudao Kungfu makes the difference to bring authentic kungfu over in a modern interactive way. It is informative and fun. The regular lessons are given every week on Thursday eve.

Photo album on

Just turned 25

03/03/2012 – Man, I just realized that i’ve lived for a quarter of a century ~

Thank you all for the congratulations and birthday wishes.

Thanks for the birthday dinner buddies! Some good friends of mine came with some seafood, they didn’t catched a lobster but a flatfish, and not a small one though XD The first thing that comes in my mind was, does anybody knows how to prepare this fish? How did we managed to make it ready for dinner. Uhum.. nobody knew exactly how, the one said this and the other that. But at the end we made a nice dinner with 10 people in the kitchen cooking, it is the first time with a bunch of peeps cooking, and it felt more like an experiment than making a dinner. Anyways, it was good to see you guys since i’ve been in Hong Kong for some time and thanks for the extra battery pack for my DSLR, I can definitely use it!

I had lots of great experiences the past years and I hope it will continue flowing to my goals. I’m not sure if there will be a big party this year, since I want to concentrate and finish my thesis first.. but we’ll see!

I want to edit all the footage of all the birthday parties in the last couple of years, since I haven’t done that yet. It may be a good idea to see the nice memories back. I still have so many media content, referring to the editing hours . . would be happy if I can use some help haha ;P

If I look back, wow time is flying by amazingly fast. hahaha and life is just so wonderful. Don’t you think so?