Happy Birthday to my sister

22nd March – Today is a special day, because it is the birthday of my sister Mandy Cheung! and we’re both born in March! 😀 So it was always a very nice month to be remembered!

She is one of the most important persons in my life. We grow up together, eat, play, hang out together. We shared all the good and bad stuff. Tasted for the first time the sweet flavor of candy’s and the bad taste of the sour traditional Chinese medicine soups. Having lived with her for more than 20 years, we experienced lots of fun and unforgettable times, we had good times and bad times.We fought for the same teddy bear, and had kids talk. I still remember one time we ran around at home with an incense and creaming each other in with creme to relief the itchiness of the chicken-pox. We wrote Chinese characters and words on the back of each other, then we had to guess what the other had written. It was such a fun time.

For outsiders we are a lovely couple of brother and sister. I still remember the times we play outside, since i’m elder I had to take care of her while playing outside. But instead I was telling her scary and cool stories which made things a bit more adventurous, haha.

I love the beautiful moments we have together, and appreciate your being.

Hope to share life forever, and I wish you to successfully finish your degree and graduate this new year. Above all, hope to see you smile everyday 🙂

Toast on forever young and smart my dear sister ~

From your only brother ~