Feng Shui interior working place

Last night I was thinking about the WHY question and suddenly the idea of changing my sister’s desk popped up.

It could solve her problem of sitting for most of the time in her bed with the mac. Since her chair wasn’t comfortable enough. Also the way the desk was placed look good thought in the overall furniture, but I found a little problem that when someone enters the room, he or she can exactly see what she was doing. And if sitting behind the desk she is not facing any visitor entering her room. So I believe it is a kind of privacy concern.

It’s almost her birthday March 22nd, and as the Cheung’s family hands on mentality we couldn’t wait for another two days. So we’ve decided to change the interior working place furniture. Although it isn’t a big difference, but it should drive the energy flow in a different way and hopefully encourages her to have a better use of her nice working place.