Glorious stars

Just when I want to pull down the curtains and go to sleep I saw a very bright star blinking. I looked at it through the small window for a few minutes. The star was so attractive and I had a special feeling like it is communicating. Despite the freezing temperature outside, I decided to open the window and hang out the window with my head turned upside down facing the sky. Now I can see thousands of stars. I realised that when I didn’t opened the window I would have missed the chance to see all the other stars and the heavenly beauty.

You may have heard of the frog in the well story; Stop glancing at the sky at the bottom of the well.

In Life – If you never take the step to see the outside world, You would never know there are such beautiful things in this world.

On Love – Sometimes you need to let go one, to discover the existence of others.

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AC Returning Lost Wallet

Last year around Christmas when I was in Hong Kong for a month I found a wallet. This year I found a wallet again when leaving the bus in Hong Kong. Is this coincidence or fate. So I tried to find the contact of the owner. This time I also have to call other organisations to find out the owners phone number, and leave a message that he lost the wallet. But the cold calls was not very successful, as they didn’t want to gave the contact number because of the privacy. Then after a few tries, I called the organisation and pretend I was the person, asking to check if my current data in the system is up to date, since I have his ID info I could do that. That’s how I find out his number and returned the wallet with cards, ID and money to him. He was happy and thankful.

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Graduation hapiness

I’m really really happy, because I am graduated!

It happened at the University of Applied Sciences for International Marketing Management.

And you know what makes me even more exciting? I’ve been writing a thesis for a classmate of mine last year. He is also a good friend of mine and we had a deal so I took the job. He owns a courier business service and is working for some years now. He doesn’t have time and the know how to write the report.. I could use some money and I thought it would be good for my experience and at the end I can help out a friend too. So why not, and there you are, two thesis. The funny thing is that we have the same examiner lol! Would he see it? We had the presentation/defense at the same day and mine is just right after him! But luckily we both passed!!

Two thesis for graduation 7.0 and a 8.5, wow I did it!


A Special Moment in my Life

which I will Remember for Always..,



Each moment of our life is a picture. Each moment of our life is a picture which u had never seen before. And which you will never see again. So enjoy life! Live life & make each moment beautiful…

Appreciate your family friends and relations more when you’re together. Life is short, you will never know if you will meet another once again!

Living at the moment, makes me feel happier. Because of stupidity in the past, makes me realize to appreciate moments even more. Keep your mind open, breath and relax. Realize beauty in every moment.

“The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they’re still alive.”

6 July 2012 – Falling leaf

Today, i felt so good because I got my study points! But I also have a less good message. The happy news is that I’m at the last check point of completing my study International Marketing Management at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences!! The bad news is that one of my Kung Fu buddies, is leaving.. i mean he is still there as a person but not active in the group anymore. Kind of retiring? It is such a pity.. he is gifted at what he does. To me it feels weird, a kind of emptiness feeling?


Update 2012 – News from Alex Cheung

Dear friends,

Most of you haven’t seen me for a while, and here’s the Update for what I’ve been doing recently –
I actually stopped recreation basketball for 1,5 year, but then 2 months ago there was something like the linsanity and I started playing basketball again, thanks Jeremy Lin 林書豪! I had a lot of pleasure, until I rolled my ankle. I think I just wanted too much, it happens when you push yourself over the limitation of your body. Damn, that was a terrible feeling! Since then I tried to recover as soon as possible, that means no sport, going to Kan Sifu for medical treatment and stay home going up and down the stairs like a baby.

In the meanwhile I’ve been working on my International Marketing Management graduation thesis, and I have finally finished it! Now waiting for the feedback and presentation. Before graduation I have to pass my Spanish exam mid June.

aCreations is now working together with CIMCH Film group, and so i’m writing a Short Film script about stereotyping the Dutch from the perspective of the Chinese community which we will be producing this summer along with some other projects including Wudao Kung Fu short film and a Single Step 2.

Therefore I didn’t had the time to edit and upload the video’s I made before, like my trip to the Wudang Mountains, Hong Kong, Filming and so on..

Coming up Kung Fu performances:
3 June Cultural Sunday Utrecht
11 June R’dam ACSU Singing Finals
12 June R’dam CRTV Chinese have talents
25 June Holland Casino Nijmegen
26 June Holland Casino Utrecht & Eindhoven
2 July Holland Casino Venlo


The first time making a Pandan cake (mothersday)

This is the first time I’m making a cake. It is called the Pandan Cake and this time my sister is my teacher. I made this one for Mothersday.

April 1st millionaires joke revealed

Did you had some good jokes on April foolsday? Well, I can tell you I did.

To prevent stupid thieves here’s my announcement:


Btw. I just remember that I had my first joke of being a millionaire posted in 2010

Winnen doe je bij? De staatsloterij! (joke/prank/1 april grap)

It is just unbelievable, when I heard that I won the lottery together with the neighbors. Winning the lottery is a lot of luck and ones destiny. After the ambassadors, Quinty, Martijn and Gaston arrived in town. They handed over the cheque after the announcement and had some registration. Then we took some photos and celebrated together. I couldn’t sleep for nights..

Look at the lucky faces, the prize money was shared by the lucky millionaires.

It changes my life for sure, it makes things much easier. Now, with the money I can obtain my life goals faster than ever and pursue my dream. I can take care my parents and family. Help other people out, and I am so thankful for that.

I have been asked for many times what I am going to do with all the money. Well, I have donated a large sum to charity foundations, I think this is a special opportunity that god gave me, and I am just fulfilling my duty as a human. Trying to help the world for a better tomorrow. I mean that’s life, carrying for each other out of compassion. That’s why I am supporting the UNICEF, Red Cross, Jackie Chan’s Dragon’s Heart Foundation and Jet li’s One Foundation etc.

I would also like to contribute to the film industry, and now I can invest and produce films. Set up my own business, creating brands and looking forward to investment opportunities. It makes things so much easier, but then it opens up a total new world to me. It is just like a dream where I live in, but I have always believed in a happy ending.



So happy April 1st, when amazing happens.