Celebrate Chinese New Year with us Sunday 22nd in Utrecht

Hello everyone,

This is the 2nd time we celebrate the Chinese New Year in Utrecht city at Rasa world cultural centre. I have been contributing to the programming and the participation of Wudao in this event. For the PR promotion of this event I made  a Teaser video in 3 days. I think this is the first cooperation between Wudao & aCreations. I believe in the near future we will produce more and more creative arts together. During the filming process a lot of people stood by and were curious what we are doing at the ‘Oudegracht’ in Utrecht city. Some were filming us and taking pictures with us.

I was totally focused on the filming part, because I didn’t had enough time to prepare and had a just a few days to deliver the video. Everybody volunteered in this project, so it was hard to count on the attendance that day. But we make the best out of it and it had a great effect. Although the cold weather we still had fun together. I was worrying whether I could finish filming before the sun goes down. The day started with a bad news, a message that the lead actor couldn’t come, he was sick. So we changed a bit of the storyline and I stepped in to play a bigger part in the film. It is stressful because you want to focus on one thing rather than 2 different things, or 3, production, filming and acting. At the end we’re all satisfied and got positive reactions. I can go with it since it was a last minute project.


Read Article: http://kosmopolisutrecht.blog.com/2012/01/19/wu-dao-is-klaar-voor-jaar-van-de-draak/

Come and join us @ utrecht Rasa, I am in the programming of this Chinese New Year event and will be performing Kung Fu and giving a workshop that day. Kung Fu panda will be there giving out lucky money! Don’t miss it 😀
This year we focus on the younger generation of Dutch Chinese society. Artists, musicians, filmmakers will show their work at Rasa Utrecht!

Wudang Rice snack in tea leafs


No, these are not packages of drugs. Do not misunderstand. These are Taoist rice in tea leafs. I bought them at the peak top at Wudang mountain. They are so mini and they told me I had to steam it before consuming. I didn’t tried it at Wudang mountains but took it back to Holland.


Well, I’ll tell you how it tastes.. I was excited to taste the first one, is to me a really new experience of flavor, haven’t tried  it before. It is different than Hong Kong Cantonese Zongzi, also known as rice dumplings which my grandmother made before I left Hong Kong. (traditional Chinese food). It is supposedly also made of glutinous rice. It is sticky, but it is more like grinded rice. Soft like cake and there are beans mixed between the rice. Very strong tea flavor, like green tea. After the first one, I had to take another one to really taste the flavor. It is okay, but after the third one I had enough of these. I think I’m just not use to it. In China you have really lots of food and diversity coming from different regions. I mean in the north they have a different dishes than in the South, there are even so many kind of spicy flavor. I remember one time I asked for non-spicy food at the restaurant in Wudang. The waiter said that Cantonese food are tasteless in his opinion. What I know is that Cantonese food is the most popular of Chinese cuisine in Western world. People in Hubei (Wudang) eat  a lot of spicy food and completely different dishes.  this has to deal with weather circumstances and kind of geographic nature.


I’d like my grandmother ones . .