Celebrate Chinese New Year with us Sunday 22nd in Utrecht

Hello everyone,

This is the 2nd time we celebrate the Chinese New Year in Utrecht city at Rasa world cultural centre. I have been contributing to the programming and the participation of Wudao in this event. For the PR promotion of this event I made  a Teaser video in 3 days. I think this is the first cooperation between Wudao & aCreations. I believe in the near future we will produce more and more creative arts together. During the filming process a lot of people stood by and were curious what we are doing at the ‘Oudegracht’ in Utrecht city. Some were filming us and taking pictures with us.

I was totally focused on the filming part, because I didn’t had enough time to prepare and had a just a few days to deliver the video. Everybody volunteered in this project, so it was hard to count on the attendance that day. But we make the best out of it and it had a great effect. Although the cold weather we still had fun together. I was worrying whether I could finish filming before the sun goes down. The day started with a bad news, a message that the lead actor couldn’t come, he was sick. So we changed a bit of the storyline and I stepped in to play a bigger part in the film. It is stressful because you want to focus on one thing rather than 2 different things, or 3, production, filming and acting. At the end we’re all satisfied and got positive reactions. I can go with it since it was a last minute project.


Read Article: http://kosmopolisutrecht.blog.com/2012/01/19/wu-dao-is-klaar-voor-jaar-van-de-draak/

Come and join us @ utrecht Rasa, I am in the programming of this Chinese New Year event and will be performing Kung Fu and giving a workshop that day. Kung Fu panda will be there giving out lucky money! Don’t miss it 😀
This year we focus on the younger generation of Dutch Chinese society. Artists, musicians, filmmakers will show their work at Rasa Utrecht!

2010 Most Memorable Moments & Highlights

To share with you, here are just some of the precious moments I had this year =)




  • Making of ‘A Single Step’

  • CinemAsia Film Festival



  • Birthday Party

  • Raften

  • Hong Kong

  • China Festival Utrecht

  • GTST

  • Ataraxia

  • NCRV TV SHOW ‘Ik weet waar jouw huis woont’

  • Wu Dao Kungfu Group

Wu Dao Dragons – Koon Chan, Alex Cheung, David Moh.


Most Luckiest moment

Winning the CinemAsia Shorts Entries

Sweetest moment

Getting kissed on my cheek by ..

Funniest moment

Australian Ice Salon incident

Most exciting moment

The minutes backstage before our entrance @ China Festival

Most emotional moment

When playing the piano, thinking about the moments.

Most touching moment

Girl friend cooking for me

Most frustrated moment

caused by a girl friend

Most uncovering moment

with Keren & Grace

Most horrible moment

Shu Yung Lam murdered

Most discouraging moment

Exam board disapproved my internship @ Int. cross media company

Most Exploded moment

Fight @ Pizza store

Most Hollywood Action Movie moment

A2 Racer to Amsterdam Premiere ‘A Single Step’ film festival

Most timeless moment

Lying on the snow, watching all the snow flakes falling down . . .

Most Romantic moment

Meteor Rain at the beach

Most Beautiful moment

Premiere ‘A Single Step’

Most Relaxing moment

Hot bathing after a long day of filming

Most feel good moment

When I think about life

Most LOL moment

Having fun with sales girl in Hong Kong Shopping mall with YL

Most ROFL moment

a lot

Most Sexy moment

Most Hippie moment

Driving too fast on the fast lane in Dark Angel, enjoying the sun and music. Suspected as Chinese Triads in a run away deal, almost got away but stopped by cops at the traffic light (it was red). [Read the full story at : come back later]

Most Dangerous Moment

Most crowded K-night

Most Shocking Party

Most All You Can Eat Moment

@ Stella’s birthday (restaurant)

Most frightening Sushi diner

Overload of sushi’s @ Sushi Today

Most WTF moment

being chased/robbed after screening ‘A Single Step’ by group of youngsters

Most inspirational moment

JUMP Martial Arts Slapstick Comedy show

Most heavenly dinner

Most Healthy moment

Jogging to the Wudang Mountain

Most adventurous moment

Sealand trip

Free as a bird moment

When driving in my Celica.

Most thankful moment


Most happiest moment

Well, I can’t remember this, but it should be some kick ass fun!

I Love You All for making my life so colorful! When I close my eyes, I can picture those wonderful moments with you my dear, ~ Love my family, love my friends and every single one of you for the love you share with me.

I feel lucky to be one of the seven billion people on earth. Enjoy life! ~

Leave me a comment if you like this blog. I would definitely appreciate it, every single comment motivates and encourages me to create and share =) It could be anything! opinion, expression, ideas or even complaints! (as long as they are about others =P ) I’m just kidding.

‘If you love life, don’t wast time. For time is what life is made up of.’ So true.

Cheers to life!

Alex Cheung

Winner of NCRV TV show ‘I know where your house lives’

Yesh!!! We have won the game show!! Let’s get to party! hahaha

I am really happy because I was quite excited about it, the sphere was also quit competitive. Both parties had the will to win. But there is just one winner.. and we did it!

I was invited to participate with this new cultural TV show with my family, where two families from different culture plays against each other in an interactive quiz. We had to answer cultural questions to know each other better. And to see how people think about the other cultural group. It was fun to be on a television show along with my family and friends. It was meaningful, and happy to represent the Chinese party. If you didn’t made it, be sure to be there next time!

I had been there before, so it was not hard to find the AKN building in Hilversum. I had to pick up the VIP’s, my cousins Manuela and Edwin, it was really slippery on the road, because of the snow/ice here in Holland. We glided at a turn and almost hit the other vehicle! Luckily Dark Angel stopped right in time. When we finally arrived in Hilversum at the studio, we were taken care by the makeup artist and then we directly moved in a hurry to the recording room with a green screen to shoot an introduction video. Seriously the building was like a maze, so many doorways where you could easily get lost to. Then they told us that it could be the Suriname or the Moroccan family but still didn’t revealed the so-called ‘North Pole family’, which we’ve been told since the beginning. We’ve been asked to tell our thoughts and prejudices of other parties. Then we headed to the studio for the program recording. There we meet the other party. It is the Moroccan family. We had a small talk and let the technical staff do their work.

Then the Moroccan family starts to sang their national anthem, and we asked David to perform some Chinese Kungfu. He did a good job. It was a nice powerful performance on stage. I would like to perform together with him but I had all the microphone and wires on my clothes. So that was not handy. We enjoyed the performance and the stage was well decorated as our living room. They made a Moroccan and a Chinese living room where we were sitting with our supporters. On the side there was seats for audience. Mimoun Ouled Radi (actor) was the captain of the Moroccan family. I have to say, he really likes to joke around, he’s a fun guy. Our group were led by Lulu Wang (writer). I am not giving away the whole show. So I’ll try to keep it short, it was excited, the scores are tight, it was interesting to learn more about each others culture. This show will be broadcast in January 2011. So stay tuned, I’ll post it on my Facebook page and this website, it would be announced by aCreations when the date is confirmed.

I am very happy to see you guys ~

Thanks everyone for coming and your support! Cheers!

XieXie! 70 Likes on Fb

Thank you all for supporting me, at least to like this Facebook page! Every single new like gives me energy to continue my passion for film making/promoting Chinese martial arts and its philosophy/ able to share this with you makes me feel so lucky. I’ll keep up the blogs and hopefully work on aCreations when I have more time. For now I will actively work on Wudao and media. I hope to inspire and help more people in the future. Cheers to life and may you all attain success in your own values!




~ Wish you all a Merry Christmas! ~





Ps. Did you know that ‘XieXie’ means Thank you in Chinese!

China Festival Show [Backstage]

(Excuse me for blogging back in time, please see it as a flashback right =P )

Well, first of all thanks Kit our networking manager for giving me the opportunity to cooperate with Kosmopolis and so to give you guys a great show. As you know I was in Hong Kong this late summer. I just left my friends apartment at Cathay City in Hong Kong, crossing the Tsing Ma Bridge when he called me up for this event and we talked for half an hour a long distance call. When I was back in Holland, I contacted Kosmopolis who is organising this China Festival. It is a very interesting event because it was the celebration of Chinese overseas who established in Utrecht a 100 years ago and also the Chinese Moonfest, so very meaningful. But the missing part was to involve the younger generation in this event apart from all the traditional activities such as Chinese Opera, Acrobatics, traditional dance and instrumental playings. There were also looking for some modern art etc. So, I was programmed in this big event along with my short film ‘A Single Step’. Then I started to contact our Kungfu Performing team and did the choreography and rehearsal. I was happy to ask around in my network and tip my friends to participate in this event .  . Because you can’t be successful alone, you need each other!

Carmen our hard working volunteer, look how happy she is!

To me, it was very challenging to have a good Kungfu show in front of so many people on stage of Stadschouwburg Theatre. Remembering when I was a kid watching shows in the same theater.           July 1998

I was so excited about it and able to do something for the Chinese community, promoting the culture to different societies is really great! It is meaningful and you can learn so many things and the experience it’s just goood.. It brightens up my life more and more! And I hope you guys are enjoying it too!

Oké, enough talkies, time for some pics right? 😉


wow, this plug is huge!                                                         and the floor was kind of hard . .  ouch

The big day =)

This is the place where we transformed ssssst, and I was wearing my artists bracelet which able me to get access to the backstage and of course the food supply =)

Well, this is my auntie. She has taken care of me for a while when I was kid. I am happy to see her here, sharing the stage with her and our thoughts about the performance. She’s part of the Chinese traditional dance group.

Nervous?  Of course more or less we are, especially the last few minutes before the show, but once on stage you are so focused to your performance that you forget about it. The most exciting moment to me was when we were upstairs at the top row of the balcony looking down on the stage, fully crowded. That was really amazing. It felt like butterflies in your stomach. Standing next to me was Koon, I remember that moment; Koon, we are performing there on stage . . man, that’s amazing, wow!

5 minutes left, we were getting ready backstage. It was quite funny at that special moment, because we all had our own posture. Koon was lying on the ground looking to the cool blue ceiling and David was meditating, the other was lying flat on the floor, everyone has its own way to release, which was quite special. We were waiting for the technical sign, I saw the previous performing group walk by, then I heard one of the Chinese opera performers whispering my name, and I walked to the woman in the beautiful emperor’s costume. At first sight I couldn’t recognize her, but it is another auntie of mine! So I to talked to her spontaneously and she answered immediately: Ssssst.. the microphone on my neck is turned on! So everybody could hear us talking haha

My auntie doing the Make Up

The sphere was great! Really love being on stage entertaining the audience, for the fans and warm applause! Love you guys!

I want to thank everybody for coming. It was a wonderful day and love all  the great responses!

Premiere ‘A Single Step’

This is it, here it is. After a very intensive period of filmmaking, planning and production. It was a difficult time for all the troubles we had gone through. But at the end, I’m proud and excited to see my first short film on the big screen.

So many of you came to see the short film, despite the delay caused by the disastrous A2 traffic jam I’m glad that you’ve still made it, really proud of you guys! Your support means so much to me that money can’t buy. I tried my best to make the best out of the little time and budget we had, but the most important, with a good heart.

What a pity that not everyone were there for the group picture, some left earlier.

In this occasion, I would like to thank you all who came to the CinemAsia Film Festival for the premiere of A Single Step and everybody who assisted me during the filming process.

In special Suhan Wong.

Thank you for the lovely flowers and the wine   =)

CinemAsia Film Festival Opening Ceremony

CinemAsia Film Festival 2010

This is the 4th edition of CinemAsia Film Festival in Amsterdam. I was invited for the opening ceremony with the premiere of ‘Dream Home’. When I entered the theater, I heard my name so I was like what’s going on. But it was the announcement of the directors of the FilmLab Shorts. Then festival director, Doris Yeung, gave a speech and introduced the different themes. I didn’t knew what kind of  film Dream Home is. I thought a regular drama film or something. So I was quite shocked of the opening scene. It was just the opening, and it was getting more violent. The effects were so damn realistic. Mandy was so excited. Not my thing. Another girl next to me covered her eyes with her hands. But she didn’t screamed =P

After watching Josie Ho as a killing machine, we went downstairs and tried to open the miniature house with the key we had. The price is 2 tickets to Hong kong! Susan was right after me and . . .click! Wow! The door just popped open and she screamed and everybody was looking, the camera was rolling. Amazing! I’m so happy for her. We took some photos and I think she couldn’t sleep that night.

The Ketelhuis was decorated in the sphere of ‘Dream home style’. It made me feel like Halloween. Good promotion of the premiere film! We had a drink and some snack, oh ya the snacks were horrible, sliced fingers with ketchup haha! We had a lot of fun taking pictures and I had a chat with some peeps around there like Dutch-Chinese actor Aaron Wan, and also the producer/artist Conroy Chan. It was fun talking with them!

Check out my album for more photos!

Opening day Cinemasia Amsterdam 2010

Opening of Cinemasia at the ketelhuis 2010

Race against time

Hi guys! I told you that i’m tryin to keep up my blog. I’m so busy these days. Where can I buy time?! I think I need to hire a personal assistant. Today I went to the meeting at 15.00 in Amsterdam with my mentor. We had a good talk about my short film and exchanged some ideas and he asked me questions to make clear how to film this story. He gave me some good advices. Then I left his office and went to the second meeting at 17.30 – NFTA meeting with production team. Btw. Altough the office is clean white, but there was an eye-catching red lounge chair in his office, it looked very comfortable, stylish and artistic. Then I walked for 10 minutes and had a snack and went right away to the next meeting location at ‘Waterlooplein’.

I need to say that the meeting with the production team is quite productive, it was totally different from the first meeting I had. The first was more the artistic sense etc. and the second is more realistic planning. We talked about the storyline, scenes, every detail, but mainly the production process, financial aspects and everything around. It is a tight schedule, if we had more time it would made a big difference, and I will stress less. That means a + for the quality of the final product. But I’m a fighter, and I’m going for the A+, and my team will!

Phew, I feel lucky that my browser didn’t crash! cuz that would be said . .

Facebook: I have been non-active for 4 days now . . It cost me time to follow all that stuff. Although I like te share.

Sooner or later I’ll be posting another blog, but personal happenings the last days (Caught by Police) So stay tuned!

Just to give you a glance at my (short time) to do list:


  1. Mail update to mentor
  2. Work out script 3rd version before sunday
  3. Synopsis 3rd version
  4. Screenplay
  5. Set up casting profile
  6. Casting
  7. Look for suitable locations
  8. Transport / Cathering
  9. Meet up with crew (cameraman, light, sound, editor)
  10. Reply mails


  1. Order carport
  2. Pay road tax (bleeeh)
  3. Editing short video project (must be done friday)  Cost me approx. 2 hours 🙁
  4. Saturday noon short video project
  5. Write intro announcement for performance and select the music.
  6. Saturday noon Final Kungfu Performance Rehearsal
  7. Saturday eve Kungfu performance at Hilversum
  8. Contact University for missing marks
  9. A lot of mailssss

Ps. I’m looking for actors/actresses! interested? Don’t hesitate, E-mail me now! [email protected]

Pss. Don’t think that I have plenty of time, i’m already running out of time. I’m writing this for you at late night!

Introductory meeting Binger FilmLAB

18.00 – Introductory meeting at the Binger FilmLAB Amsterdam

Before the meeting, I prepared some questions and read the film projects once again.

I took the car because of bad experiences with the public transport. The weather was bright and the sun was shining. I opened up my sunroof and did really enjoyed it. When I arrived in Amsterdam I almost took the wrong road into the dark subway. My car navigation says 5 minutes left to destination. Then again I was confused which road I should take because of the split way and the navigation didn’t helped, it was 17.45. So unluckily I got into the wrong side and took the long subway heading north side of Amsterdam. I drove like 10 minutes and then find my way back. When I arrived at destination I was a bit surprised that it was right in the centre of Amsterdam, I could have taken the train. So I parked my car in the underground parking lot. I was like 😮 5 euro’s per hour?

Then I walked in the street, it is a very long main street. With one hand the address note and other hand my cell phone looking here and there. Next to me were 3 girls chatting, enjoying from the sun, then they asked whether they could help me. They were so helpful. I think the sunny weather makes people happy or at least sends out positive energy. When I entered the Binger FilmLAB I took the stairway to the 2nd level instead of the elevator, more people should do this. You know, daily exercises is the best way to keep fit rather than a diet or trying all kinds of rare methods. I have heard of products like Herbal Life, a liquid diet which you take instead of breakfast or lunch, even electronic machines using beames, vibrating and heat to loose weight and fat. It says so, but ya why not trying to be more active in your daily living. Plus it is free of charge 😀

My first impression of the Filmlab, it is well secured. I noticed that the entries are locked. I called my contact person and she opened the door for me and after an introducing round we talked about the stories and the background. In the meeting room there were the other 2 participants, people from the production company, filmmakers/directors and the festival director. One of the filmmaker was Yan Ting Yeung, from Hong kong, she brought a box of  ‘Sweatheart cake’, a traditional Chinese pastry with flaky and thin skin made with winter melon, almond paste, sesame and pork lard, spiced with five spice powder. Although these were far from the Sweatheart cakes in Hong Kong – Yuen Long district, I definitely enjoyed!

Later we divided in groups and actually started the film project. The DEADLINE is 14th of May. Then everything have to be completed, filming and editing. The film will be shown in the Ketelhuis in Amseterdam and other cities depending on the tour. Now I need to make the planning and finish the storyline + script this week, wait a minute, I need to sign the contract! So, enough to keep me busy right 😉

It was around 20.00 when I left the building, I went to the parking lot and wondering how much I need to pay for the ride out. 12 euro’s, tadaa! Suppose to be normal in Amsterdam 😉  On the way back I stopped next to a Police motor, I think he was busy chatting with a girl so I drove further. Then he drove by and ask me whether if I had something to ask. Then I repeated; ‘Yeah, I need to go to Westerpark, but my navigation is not working’ :p  Trying to make good use of the government service which I paid for. (received a speeding ticket recently :P) So he escorted me to the right direction and I put on the music and drove behind the Police motorbike. I ordered some Chinese food rice with vegetables along with crispy chicken wings and then came home and had my diner with my hungry sister.