2010 Most Memorable Moments & Highlights

To share with you, here are just some of the precious moments I had this year =)




  • Making of ‘A Single Step’

  • CinemAsia Film Festival



  • Birthday Party

  • Raften

  • Hong Kong

  • China Festival Utrecht

  • GTST

  • Ataraxia

  • NCRV TV SHOW ‘Ik weet waar jouw huis woont’

  • Wu Dao Kungfu Group

Wu Dao Dragons – Koon Chan, Alex Cheung, David Moh.


Most Luckiest moment

Winning the CinemAsia Shorts Entries

Sweetest moment

Getting kissed on my cheek by ..

Funniest moment

Australian Ice Salon incident

Most exciting moment

The minutes backstage before our entrance @ China Festival

Most emotional moment

When playing the piano, thinking about the moments.

Most touching moment

Girl friend cooking for me

Most frustrated moment

caused by a girl friend

Most uncovering moment

with Keren & Grace

Most horrible moment

Shu Yung Lam murdered

Most discouraging moment

Exam board disapproved my internship @ Int. cross media company

Most Exploded moment

Fight @ Pizza store

Most Hollywood Action Movie moment

A2 Racer to Amsterdam Premiere ‘A Single Step’ film festival

Most timeless moment

Lying on the snow, watching all the snow flakes falling down . . .

Most Romantic moment

Meteor Rain at the beach

Most Beautiful moment

Premiere ‘A Single Step’

Most Relaxing moment

Hot bathing after a long day of filming

Most feel good moment

When I think about life

Most LOL moment

Having fun with sales girl in Hong Kong Shopping mall with YL

Most ROFL moment

a lot

Most Sexy moment

Most Hippie moment

Driving too fast on the fast lane in Dark Angel, enjoying the sun and music. Suspected as Chinese Triads in a run away deal, almost got away but stopped by cops at the traffic light (it was red). [Read the full story at : come back later]

Most Dangerous Moment

Most crowded K-night

Most Shocking Party

Most All You Can Eat Moment

@ Stella’s birthday (restaurant)

Most frightening Sushi diner

Overload of sushi’s @ Sushi Today

Most WTF moment

being chased/robbed after screening ‘A Single Step’ by group of youngsters

Most inspirational moment

JUMP Martial Arts Slapstick Comedy show

Most heavenly dinner

Most Healthy moment

Jogging to the Wudang Mountain

Most adventurous moment

Sealand trip

Free as a bird moment

When driving in my Celica.

Most thankful moment


Most happiest moment

Well, I can’t remember this, but it should be some kick ass fun!

I Love You All for making my life so colorful! When I close my eyes, I can picture those wonderful moments with you my dear, ~ Love my family, love my friends and every single one of you for the love you share with me.

I feel lucky to be one of the seven billion people on earth. Enjoy life! ~

Leave me a comment if you like this blog. I would definitely appreciate it, every single comment motivates and encourages me to create and share =) It could be anything! opinion, expression, ideas or even complaints! (as long as they are about others =P ) I’m just kidding.

‘If you love life, don’t wast time. For time is what life is made up of.’ So true.

Cheers to life!

Alex Cheung