Premiere ‘A Single Step’

This is it, here it is. After a very intensive period of filmmaking, planning and production. It was a difficult time for all the troubles we had gone through. But at the end, I’m proud and excited to see my first short film on the big screen.

So many of you came to see the short film, despite the delay caused by the disastrous A2 traffic jam I’m glad that you’ve still made it, really proud of you guys! Your support means so much to me that money can’t buy. I tried my best to make the best out of the little time and budget we had, but the most important, with a good heart.

What a pity that not everyone were there for the group picture, some left earlier.

In this occasion, I would like to thank you all who came to the CinemAsia Film Festival for the premiere of A Single Step and everybody who assisted me during the filming process.

In special Suhan Wong.

Thank you for the lovely flowers and the wine   =)