Chinese Moon Festival

Hello everyone, I hope you have enjoyed the Moon Festival, and had some great time with the people you want to be with. I enjoyed it very well, it was most of the time performing on stage or training. But had some very good times and nice dinners as well.

Actually the Chinese Moon Festival or Zhongqiu Festival is a very very nice day. Bright moon in the heavens, surrounded by blinking stars. It is one of the most important celebrations in the Chinese tradition more than 3000 years old. Now it is a public holiday in China and Taiwan, even in Vietnam they celebrate this wonderful festival and of course the Chinatowns worldwide. Families are gathering and having dinner together. Eating Mooncake, matchmaking, carrying sky lanterns, burning incense to Chang’e and the Dragon dances and Moon rabbit are all traditions of this Moon Festival.

You know, it can be good if you are very busy or really into something and need a brake. Then you should take the time to refill yourself and enjoy from nature things, like a walk in the nature, mountains and waters or the sky and heaven. Collect the chi and you will feel more energized after. People now are so attached to technology, electronic devices. Working behind the computer at day and watching e-mail with your laptop at home and communicating with Facebook while traveling. It is a pity if you missed the beautiful moon, how long did you look up to the sky and enjoyed the beautiful moon with your eyes?

I have written a comedy Moon ACT for our Wudao Dragons performance show to celebrate Chinese Moon Festival. It is a story about 3 Martial Artists, named the ‘Wudao Dragons’ gathering at the mountains to enjoy the beautiful view of the city and the Moon. Then suddenly when they are dancing the Moondance, they were attacked by a bunch of villains and stolen their precious Wudao Martial Arts Manual. This is the beginning of this adventure.. I’ve added the Wudao Elements to this story to create characters and interaction. You could have a glimpse of it watching the video on the and will be posting some footage of our rehearsal. It would be great if we can perform this again but in theater in the near future, because with the sound and lights on stage it will even make it better. I have also invited Kung Fu Panda from ancient China to join our Wudao Dragons show in The Hague capital city of Holland, and unfortunately he didn’t catch up the flight and had some checks at the customs. But still made it to the other events. You can now book Kung Fu Panda at

Check out the photos at

For more information about the ‘100 jaar Chinezen’ 100 years Chinese in Netherlands go to




Guest performance at CRTV – Chinese Original Singing Performance with Chinese Moon Festival in Amsterdam CRTV Studios.

Google Google oh Google.. When I was looking for a cheap ticket from Amsterdam to Hong Kong, a friend told me that Google launched its new online flight tickets search machine for finding the lowest fares. So I tried the online search machine, and unfortunately it resulted to this: ‘Sorry, locations outside the U.S. are currently not supported.’

For the friends outside the States, I think we can come back later 🙂


Happy Chinese Moonfestival中秋節快樂!


This evening I am having a live interview at CRTV Radio 21.00 in Amsterdam. There is an Chinese Songwriters event and then I will perform a Kungfu form for the opening. I wish everybody a happy Moonfestival and enjoy the time with your family and friends with the traditional Mooncake.

The Hague (Den Haag) Wudao Dragons Kungfu show

The performance last weekend was outstanding, spectacular, it is the premiere of our new slapstick comedy ACT, which is the Wudao Dragons story of the Moonfestival.  I will upload the pictures tonight! Cheers 🙂



Wudao Dragons Showtime Celebrating Moonfest at Den Haag (Atrium)

Dear friends,

This year we Wudao Dragons will have a performance to celebrate the Chinese moonfest. Saturday 10 Sept. in The Hague Atrium at 15.00 Come and see our spectacular show withe our new Moonfest. ACT! Promise Never seen before! See you there! 🙂


Alex Cheung

Beste vrienden,

Ook dit jaar hebben wij Wudao Dragons een groots optreden om de Chinese maanfeest te vieren. Zaterdag 10 Sept. in Denhaag Atrium om 15.00  kom kijken naar ons spectaculaire show met een Moonfest. ACT! Nooit eerder gezien! Tot dan 🙂


Alex Cheung

TVB – Kung Fu Star show

When I left Wudang Mountain, I headed South towards the Guangdong district and finally back home in Hong Kong. It was a great experience at Wudang and I didn’t expected another adventure during my stay in China.

TVB Kung Fu Star (全球功夫新星)which is broadcasting this evening in Hong Kong. I feel lucky to have this opportunity to show my talent and potential. I am proud to represent Holland to compete against other contestants. This program stimulates Martial Arts in media and therefore it got my full support, good idea!

It perfectly fits into my Journey to the East adventure. And I can say during my stay in China, I had lots of great experiences and met lots of people, including masters by fate.

I also want to thank all the friends for supporting my Kung Fu Star 全球功夫新星 appearance. Even when I am in Hong Kong, I’ve got your support. And I actually did not expected so many people were able to come and support me at TVB 全球功夫新星show. But the most touching moment for me was actually when I finished my first form, hear the warm applause at the background, then I can see my grandfather sitting next to the jury in the middle of the audience is standing up. He is so excited and happy seeing his grandson doing so well. Because I can finally show him that I am already grown up. Since he does not really know my active life in Holland. Their recognition is my challenge during this visit back home in Hong Kong, and nothing better than this performance can express my thoughts and summarize my performance for the past few years. So I’m glad everything went so well. I want to win this price for my grandfathers big birthday. It would be the perfect present.

Alex Cheung as Asian Pirate

This weekend I am performing along with Waila Woe as an Asian pirate for the Rotterdam world harbour day (Dutch: Wereldhavendagen) This act is a booking via Wudao.

It is a fight of two Asians, very skilled martial arts pirates fighting for the treasure map at the Rotterdam’s pirate bay. It will be very crowded tomorrow, as the  weather is fine with the sun shining at the bay. 10.000 of people are expected to come around.

During my google research for how to become a pirate, I am surprised that there is something like a ‘Pirate Day’ which is a international parodic holiday. This is celebrated on the 19th of September each year and everybody in the world should talk like a pirate. Aye Aye, Captain!  Shut up, let’s fight! Ok, something like that.

Tomorrow I wanna go around talking like a pirate…got any more random pirate sayings?

So If you want a taste of some pirate, come to the pirates bay at Maritiem Museum this weekend and we’ll meet you right there at the upper deck of the Black Pearl.

You know what the worse nightmare for a pirate on a blind date is? a sunken chest with no booty