Alex Cheung as Asian Pirate

This weekend I am performing along with Waila Woe as an Asian pirate for the Rotterdam world harbour day (Dutch: Wereldhavendagen) This act is a booking via Wudao.

It is a fight of two Asians, very skilled martial arts pirates fighting for the treasure map at the Rotterdam’s pirate bay. It will be very crowded tomorrow, as the  weather is fine with the sun shining at the bay. 10.000 of people are expected to come around.

During my google research for how to become a pirate, I am surprised that there is something like a ‘Pirate Day’ which is a international parodic holiday. This is celebrated on the 19th of September each year and everybody in the world should talk like a pirate. Aye Aye, Captain!  Shut up, let’s fight! Ok, something like that.

Tomorrow I wanna go around talking like a pirate…got any more random pirate sayings?

So If you want a taste of some pirate, come to the pirates bay at Maritiem Museum this weekend and we’ll meet you right there at the upper deck of the Black Pearl.

You know what the worse nightmare for a pirate on a blind date is? a sunken chest with no booty