Feiyues Lo Sneakers

Feiyues are very good sneakers for practicing Kung Fu. I often recommend them to my students and friends. They are light weight, low sneakers with good grip. And they look fashionable, good summer shoes! I train everyday in Feiyues outside. When they get dirty I wash them. And when they are damaged after time, I simply order a new pair of Feiyue sneakers. My favorite color is white. The black and white version is the traditional one from Shanghai. Feiyue is introducing new lines also with low and mid low to high sneakers with different colors.

Do you also wear Feiyues?? And what is your experience with these martial arts sneakers?


Order your Feiyues @ Wudao


Tesla – Electric Beauty

So this is THE fastest electricity driven vehicle from Tesla. Yea.

My first impression when I saw the car..  it was attractive, since it is a sports car and colored red. When I took a closer look, it has very nice finishing in the interior. Some leather and carbon are combined. The seats are really nice, and gives you a very solid feel. It has the total sports look.

In my opinion the nose of the car is a bit too low, and in overall it looks like a Lotus Elise. I mean if you drive by with this car people may see it as a Lotus and since this car cost the double of the Elise..

I like the back design of the car more than the front. The headlights are nice deep, but at some point of views the headlights looks a bit more like a square shape than angry looking headlights.

ROADSTER SPORT 2.5 Specs . . from 0 to 97 km/h just in 3,7 seconds, wow that is amazing!

It has No Emissions, which is truly heaven. No road tax 😀 and good for our lovely nature!


There will be more and more electricity driven vehicles produced in the coming few years. The market demand for electricity driven vehicles is growing. Since Toyota succeeded in their advanced hybrid cars there are now an increased numbers of hybrid automobiles in the market. A sports car without petrol, how nice is that right.

It is really surprising how far you could go with a single charge. I think the Tesla roadster is a very playful car, you get instant power when you accelerate. Just step on the accelerator and you can go one way till the speed limit allows you. So it should be really fun at traffic lights for example.

There is no room for luggage, the roadster has not any extra space left for some grocery goods. And with a partner sitting next to you, i’m really starting to wonder where to put my sport bag.

The car has a low center of gravity. Compared to my Celica GT it is even way lower. As for myself, I don’t like the center console. I prefer one where you can lay your arm on and separates the front seats if you know what I mean.

So, if you like the smell of petrol and the noise of a V8 engine sound, you definitely shouldn’t go for a Tesla. But if you value for energy efficient driving and not getting lame by hours of traffic jam, then this could be your solution. The new way of driving. A true Eco friendly car.

Price tag starts from € 84.000,-

Fashionable Design Umbrellas

A fancy umbrella does make people stare. I walked with the SENZ umbrella in the Mongkok streets and it hit the spots.

Holland retail at €49,95 including 2 year no bullshit warranty
Dutch designer from the TU Delft University and I ordered 2 of the special edition collection for my grandparents in Hong Kong. These are good stuff, made from quality materials. Very strong and nice details. The only thing is that you have to get use to the way you open the umbrella (in opposite direction pushing downwards)

Then I see a new series of ULA umbrellas in Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station in an automatic machine, also resistant of storm, UV and even more

see video..


I should get one of these right? 😉

New Haircut by my fashion hairstylist

I took the train from Utrecht to my hairstylist in Rotterdam City and it took me about an hour. Yes, for a new haircut.

But she’s really worth it 😉

While sitting there you may think, noo not too short, but after all it looks quite good. At least, the girls are looking twice, which is i believe a score.

My hairstylist is very nice, and a very special woman. With a strong character she can be very mean but she looks very good and nice at her age. She definitely knows her taste and got her degree in Fashion design, hairstylist and visage. She have worked in Hong Kong and also for TVB with artist. So it is quite interesting while having a nice chitchat with her. I really like her personality, she’s nice but to the point and also got lot of talents and interests like I do. For example she plays the piano, and Tai Chi, likes kung fu but doesn’t practice it. She love to see it, and she is very very good at Chinese chess, once being a champion in Hong Kong. She did competition diving and now she loves to design haircut, that’s her passion to do. Perfection. We have things similar and I learn a lot from her just to talk with her. She’s very kind to me too, and you know what, she told me last that she checked my facebook and youtube channel and she love the things we do, the videos we made. I was like, omg noo hhahaa, because we have some lol making videos which doesn’t make sense at all haha. but ya she told me she would have joined us if she’s that young. She enjoys by watching just because we are having so much fun. The next time I’ll take a photo with her just to introduce her to you 🙂


I can still remember.. 2 March, 2011 – I went to her the day before my birthday for a new fresh haircut. She learned me to play ‘Wei Qi’ which is Chinese chess. She’s goood.. haha and in the train back home I had a quite interesting happening. There was a lady sitting at the other side of the window with another granny.. after some time she stepped to me and leant over, her face was quite close to me and she was asking me: Do you belief in Jezus?

Then I looked deep in her eyes. There were different colors in her eye. For a moment there was a silence. Then I answered her, well it is a historical person so why not? Then she gave me a flyer of a church and then get back to her seat. The granny was smiling at me. She was a bit creepy, but nevertheless I smiled back. Then I asked the lady while sitting there, excuse me madam, may I ask you why you picked me out? I mean, there are so many others in the train why did you asked me that question? Then she answered, I felt that.