‘Ik weet waar jouw huis woont’ TV Show

Ik weet waar jouw huis woont‘ translated ‘I know where you house lives’ is a new TV program by a Dutch TV channel Spirit24. This show was also broadcasted at the Dutch national channel ‘Nederland 2‘.

For more information about this program go to: www.spirit24.nl/content/ik-weet-waar-jouw-huis-woont (Dutch only)

It was the first time for me to be in a TV quiz/game show. And of course it was a great experience and fun too. We were representing the Chinese team. We Won! Yeah, we won against the Moroccan family. That means also that we know the Moroccan culture better then they know Chinese culture. Maybe it has to do with the Chinese culture too, it is very modest and close to outsiders. And of course the Moroccan community is one of the biggest in Holland, I think 2nd to Dutch?? But i’m not sure about that. But I can tell you it is in the district ‘kanaleneiland’ & Overvecht.

I feel lucky to bring my family and supported by lots of friends at the studio. It is different than film making, because there are several standard fixed camera positions. And you have to really look for the camera’s in order to spot them. Because they were at a distance with lots of things and the whole set up. Also very important is the presentation of the host, it can really make it a good show by her enthusiastic appearance (vice versa).

I hope to have more TV/Film appearance in the near future, would definitely appreciate it.

I will have another TV interview this year’s September in Holland. This is also for a new television show and let me sneak you a bit, it is about relationship . .

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Boiling points

I thought I can forget the things at home, being alone, but it aint truth. In Hong Kong another home for me started and electricity, water, tax, tax and even more tax payments letters to handle.

Today I’d planned to work on my study and go for the Wingchun class at eve, but yea, did home business all day long . . BUSY!

Now that’s actually Hong Kong life, it is really a fast pace society. The Netherlands is totally different. So, back in Holland you call me a busy guy, man, you should see what it looks like here in Hong Kong! If you call people up, they are basically busy. Well, that’s most of them say. It’s like a horse racing circuit. They should take a break man!

Just like the cat 😉

I took this picture at Yuen Long Centre where I took the MTR. Really funny, and a special way to save energy and so the world resources. I think a very good initiative to bring the awareness to people.

100 years of Chinese in Holland – Stories of the Chinese immigrants

8 Dutch Chinese will be portrayed by the stories of their friends and colleagues and shown in an Art & Culture expo during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Chinese immigrants in Holland. In this way the portrayed person / story can express the norms and values of the Dutch society and their way of seeing things, from the Dutch perspective. So, I was asked as the youngest among them, I  feeling honored to be portrayed in the 100 years of Chinese in Holland project. I gave the contact details of some influential people to me, so that they can be interviewed. Now it is a funding matter. Just wondering if it will get through the board . .

but after all a great initiative, and they also have a project, collecting 100 Chinese lions dancing at the DAM. Wu Dao Dragons will also perform Chinese Martial Arts in some events.

E34 Airport bus + Extra

So I took the E34 Airport bus to pick up my sis Mandy who just had a very long distance flight from Holland, Germany, Beijing and finally arriving at Hong Kong. It was around eight o’clock in the eve so I suggested to have something to eat at the airport. And yea it is the Mei Sum restaurant which was also shown in my vlog here:

A Journey to the East series 1 Leaving Home AC Vlog 5

It was fun immediately at the Mei Sum airport wok/restaurant where we had a small dinner.

and then she suddenly asked me, hey look over there, it is not allowed to bring meat into the plane right? So how can they say like roast goose perfect for inflight and when I saw the logo, it remind me of KLM which is symbolized by the swan. It was soo funny the Chinese translation for the name and how they sell it like perfect to consume inflight XD you have to check this pic out . .

in the E34 bus back home there was a stewardess sitting next to us, and she was like having fun all the way with her iphone . . but then I noticed that she is trying to withhold a laughter all the time. I really wanted to ask her what’s so funny. Even Mandy noticed when I told her in Dutch to check it out. So before we get out the bus I was looking at here and kinda with an asking expression and she was almost laughing! Then we get out the bus and she was looking back at me and so we waved our hand haha

You know, when I arrived in Hong Kong months ago I was standing next to a stewardess. and she was a bit different type I think, by the way she behaved. She bumped up to me a few times and was standing in a funny way with her luggage and had a noticing phone conversation even another co passenger was nodding her head. Well, it was long time ago, but the thing is that a few weeks later she was sitting next to me in the bus haha, what a coincidence. So lots of things seems to be very happening by chance after I have arrived in Hong Kong and especially my Wudang trip I met lot of people and some very interesting stories. That I tell you later, for now, some examples during my stay in Hong Kong. I went to a sushi restaurant 1 month ago and there I met the HSI uncle, that’s his nick for now. Somehow we started a conversation about sushi, ah, I asked him why he didn’t go the the sushi restaurant at the corner and if he was afraid of the radiation, because that time it was on the news everyday here in Hong Kong. So we had a chat and then also talked about Hong Kong economy, stocks and Hang Seng Index and he said; let me tell you what, as I won’t see you again, just check out the HSI then he told me his expectations. And guess what, I went to Wudang mountain and now after a month I went to the same sushi restaurant for the second time and yup.. I met the HSI uncle again haha

Things are so likely planned to happen since my Journey to the East.

Even the day I’m back in Hong Kong, I went to my Wingchun academy, in the bus I met an old man, he said to me: So you are learning Wingchun right, then he give me a wise word. I still remember when he got out the bus he looked back and again remind me of the word he told me. Then at the Nathan road a woman handing out leaflets said hey you’re that guy, and so I stopped and looked back. Aha, this was the lady which I met few months ago, back then I was looking for my Wingchun master, and asked her how to walk and so I had a talk for what company she was handing out. She even still remembers that I’m from Holland! So there are many more stories, some are really funny..

So because of a sister yelling for ice-cream I took her to the nearest ice salon, with really nice flavors!

We walked into a clothes shop and it is so that I been there for 3 times and each time I had very clumsy ice-scream with me :p so the girl recognizes me and of course my trademark tail, so we had a talk with the friendly staff,. and yess then they asked why I always buys the expensive ice-scream in this particular ice-cream salon. So I answered in Cantonese, because I like their big ‘po’ instead of ‘kaw’ 球. it is the same fault i made last year in a clothing store with yalen.. So Mandy was having a laughter and it was oh so funny yea

Ps. ‘Po’ = ball but also means boobies and ‘kaw’ is more user friendly and mostly used for ice-scream as I know. So it is how many ‘kaw’ do you want? Yea like that.

Upcoming next blog: My Wudang Mountain experiences and trying to upload some vlog too 🙂

Btw. this is a really really delicious dessert! Made up of milk, soya, sugar and that’s all I know haha!

Left = Double layer milk Right = Dan tan (that’s how my sihing is saying it :P)

First time I tried it and I love it, went 3 more days after the Wingchun lessons I had and took away for home too haha

Anniversary of the HKSAR

Today, it is the 14th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region establishment, a public holiday and it’s raining. Luckily, a cooling down for Hong Kong’s warm weather.

In other words, it is 14 years ago since the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China, referred to as ‘the Return’, took place on 1 July, 1997. The event marked the end of British rule, and the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong to China.

The financial hub, famous for its sky-high rents and super-rich tycoons, has seen home prices surge on the back of record low interest rates and a flood of wealthy buyers from mainland China.

To tackle Hong Kong’s soaring property market, the government has imposed new taxes and staged a series of land auctions in the past year-and-a-half to boost supply and bring down prices.

But despite the earlier measures, some properties are still fetching eye-popping prices – the home of France’s top diplomat sold last month for HK$580 million ($74.5 million).

A study by US consultancy Demographia in January found Hong Kong’s home prices were the least affordable in the world.