Boiling points

I thought I can forget the things at home, being alone, but it aint truth. In Hong Kong another home for me started and electricity, water, tax, tax and even more tax payments letters to handle.

Today I’d planned to work on my study and go for the Wingchun class at eve, but yea, did home business all day long . . BUSY!

Now that’s actually Hong Kong life, it is really a fast pace society. The Netherlands is totally different. So, back in Holland you call me a busy guy, man, you should see what it looks like here in Hong Kong! If you call people up, they are basically busy. Well, that’s most of them say. It’s like a horse racing circuit. They should take a break man!

Just like the cat 😉

I took this picture at Yuen Long Centre where I took the MTR. Really funny, and a special way to save energy and so the world resources. I think a very good initiative to bring the awareness to people.