Comparison of the Canon EOS 60D and 600D

Well, I was looking for a dslr for filmmaking purposes. And I found an useful video review of the DSLR Canon 60D and 600D/ti3. I would recommend watching the second video if you do like the British accent, lol. I finally bought a 600D for a special price offer. I think both of them are a good buy, it really depends what you need and of course your budget.

I’m really happy with a new camera. Now it is time for me to get a lens and some camera equipment like tripod, glide track, microphone, etc. and we can go film making!

Any recommendations are welcome!

Alex got pranked by Wudao Dragon

Well, this is what happened…

David Moh, yes my Kungfu buddy (Wudao Dragons teammate) who went to Singpore last year, should be away for 2 more years military service. So, the point is that he is not in the country (The Netherlands). So we had Martial Arts performances without him. The Wudao Dragons, which was Koon, David and me, we 3 formed an unique group. As we have different styles and characters. Combined together we delivered great Kung Fu. Since he left The Netherlands, Wouter van Leeuwen joined the dragons team, which is a great friend of him. It is nice learning a new teammate through martial arts and he really contributes to the team, and not only on stage but also off stage, when we’re figuring out other organizational things you know. Okay, here it comes. Then there was a birthday party, and when I came in the living room with a bunch of people and friends. The Next happened . .

It was really freaking crazy to see David sitting there between friends. You know, I actually didn’t saw him the first sight when I entered the room. Her sister asked me to say hi to another sister of his and I was questioning why, because she normally don’t ask me to do that. As I would do that automatically you know. But then I understand it haha, I was stunned. The other girl you see with the red hood hugging David was my sister, yea, she was also surprised and happy to see him.

He tried to keep the mouths shut and kept this secret quite well, because he was actually back for a week or something. So he planned on this prank and it succeeded. haha you got that David! 😉

Oh, PS. thanks for this video!

Hakka Hakka Rap

Vanessa passed her driving test and we went to the car dealer for her first car in Holland!

GT 86?

We celebrated at my friends home. And haven’t been there for a year it turned into a Lipchong Zoo exhibition, lol. I’ll show you some photos, but this is just a part of the pets!

Don’t you agree this cat is overweight? haha, she keeps eating all the time!

Then they showed me a video on Youtube and omg, you really should check this out if you’re Chinese, and definitely if you understand Hakka! This is hilarious!

My dad speaks the Hakka dialect, and it is really funny when you hear this accent especially in a ‘Rap’. I’ve never heard a song or rap in Hakka, good job guys! I think they’re from Malaysia..


My dear friend

We haven’t spoken to each other for about a year now. You know I asked about you, how you’ve been doing since we’ve been busying with our own things. And every time he tells me that he haven’t spoken to you as well for a long time and that you’re not answering phones. After all, when I heard about your complains I took the time immediately to meet you up. It is good to see you guys. Time is passing by so fast the last couple of years. It’s like yesterday that we’ve been sitting in the same class at the secondary school. There was a time you come along every Friday you still remember? haha

Since we’re good friends, you should have told me about that. You don’t want to disappoint me? I mean c’mon. What? You know how I would think about it? Oh, you can’t hide it for always. You know, I blame him also because he kept this as a secret. I can’t believe he didn’t tell me that either.

Did you know that cigarette smoke contains more than 40 toxic matters? Well, I didn’t knew that but that’s what is been said by Wikipedia. Smoking is no good for your health, and there is no doubt about it. It’s a FACT. Keep your hands out of dirty stuff.

It is too expensive for your health. Life is about awareness, the being and compassion which makes you enjoy every moment of your life. Don’t desperately exchange this for a moment of pleasure.

You know, now I remember once your mom called me a few years ago. She asked me whether you’ve got any problems or strange behavior. I asked her to explain what she really meant. Then she says that sometimes you’re not aware or having problems focusing which I can slightly remember. At that time I told her not to worry too much since you were hanging out most of the time with us and by means with the right guys since we don’t drink and smoke.

Now I’m interested why people do something or act like that. It is good to know that you were influenced by friends when you were confused, and your curiosity to try new things in life. Be careful with that, and I know things happens for a reason in life as you said, which I do believe. But at the end, it’s you to make the decision.

Everyone have mistakes. It is good to hear you learn from it. I wish you all the best and hope you will be better soon. And become stronger, hope you get back to work soon and walk a wise path.

Let me share this video, I think you have seen it before since you followed me on Youtube during my journey to the East. You should come and join my community on facebook too!

Then we keep in touch more often 🙂

This video may be funny, but there is a serious message behind it.

Tesla – Electric Beauty

So this is THE fastest electricity driven vehicle from Tesla. Yea.

My first impression when I saw the car..  it was attractive, since it is a sports car and colored red. When I took a closer look, it has very nice finishing in the interior. Some leather and carbon are combined. The seats are really nice, and gives you a very solid feel. It has the total sports look.

In my opinion the nose of the car is a bit too low, and in overall it looks like a Lotus Elise. I mean if you drive by with this car people may see it as a Lotus and since this car cost the double of the Elise..

I like the back design of the car more than the front. The headlights are nice deep, but at some point of views the headlights looks a bit more like a square shape than angry looking headlights.

ROADSTER SPORT 2.5 Specs . . from 0 to 97 km/h just in 3,7 seconds, wow that is amazing!

It has No Emissions, which is truly heaven. No road tax 😀 and good for our lovely nature!


There will be more and more electricity driven vehicles produced in the coming few years. The market demand for electricity driven vehicles is growing. Since Toyota succeeded in their advanced hybrid cars there are now an increased numbers of hybrid automobiles in the market. A sports car without petrol, how nice is that right.

It is really surprising how far you could go with a single charge. I think the Tesla roadster is a very playful car, you get instant power when you accelerate. Just step on the accelerator and you can go one way till the speed limit allows you. So it should be really fun at traffic lights for example.

There is no room for luggage, the roadster has not any extra space left for some grocery goods. And with a partner sitting next to you, i’m really starting to wonder where to put my sport bag.

The car has a low center of gravity. Compared to my Celica GT it is even way lower. As for myself, I don’t like the center console. I prefer one where you can lay your arm on and separates the front seats if you know what I mean.

So, if you like the smell of petrol and the noise of a V8 engine sound, you definitely shouldn’t go for a Tesla. But if you value for energy efficient driving and not getting lame by hours of traffic jam, then this could be your solution. The new way of driving. A true Eco friendly car.

Price tag starts from € 84.000,-

Conspiracy of the Manila Philippine Incident

Tonight on National Geographic – The Netherlands

When I was in Hong Kong, I was following this news live, and it just makes you so upset and furious about the ridiculous rescue of the Philippine SWAT team.  How could you let this happen, this entire incident was an inconceivable tragic. Hong Kong government insisted to move to bodies back to Hong Kong for further investigation as they lost all trust in the Philippines.

When the hostages were captured in the tour bus, negotiation failed. Mendoza, a 55 year old gunman requested the Philippines government to re-investigate his case of dismissal as he was a former police officer fired last year.

Really digusting to see what happened!