Alex got pranked by Wudao Dragon

Well, this is what happened…

David Moh, yes my Kungfu buddy (Wudao Dragons teammate) who went to Singpore last year, should be away for 2 more years military service. So, the point is that he is not in the country (The Netherlands). So we had Martial Arts performances without him. The Wudao Dragons, which was Koon, David and me, we 3 formed an unique group. As we have different styles and characters. Combined together we delivered great Kung Fu. Since he left The Netherlands, Wouter van Leeuwen joined the dragons team, which is a great friend of him. It is nice learning a new teammate through martial arts and he really contributes to the team, and not only on stage but also off stage, when we’re figuring out other organizational things you know. Okay, here it comes. Then there was a birthday party, and when I came in the living room with a bunch of people and friends. The Next happened . .

It was really freaking crazy to see David sitting there between friends. You know, I actually didn’t saw him the first sight when I entered the room. Her sister asked me to say hi to another sister of his and I was questioning why, because she normally don’t ask me to do that. As I would do that automatically you know. But then I understand it haha, I was stunned. The other girl you see with the red hood hugging David was my sister, yea, she was also surprised and happy to see him.

He tried to keep the mouths shut and kept this secret quite well, because he was actually back for a week or something. So he planned on this prank and it succeeded. haha you got that David! 😉

Oh, PS. thanks for this video!