Winnen doe je bij? De staatsloterij! (joke/prank/1 april grap)

It is just unbelievable, when I heard that I won the lottery together with the neighbors. Winning the lottery is a lot of luck and ones destiny. After the ambassadors, Quinty, Martijn and Gaston arrived in town. They handed over the cheque after the announcement and had some registration. Then we took some photos and celebrated together. I couldn’t sleep for nights..

Look at the lucky faces, the prize money was shared by the lucky millionaires.

It changes my life for sure, it makes things much easier. Now, with the money I can obtain my life goals faster than ever and pursue my dream. I can take care my parents and family. Help other people out, and I am so thankful for that.

I have been asked for many times what I am going to do with all the money. Well, I have donated a large sum to charity foundations, I think this is a special opportunity that god gave me, and I am just fulfilling my duty as a human. Trying to help the world for a better tomorrow. I mean that’s life, carrying for each other out of compassion. That’s why I am supporting the UNICEF, Red Cross, Jackie Chan’s Dragon’s Heart Foundation and Jet li’s One Foundation etc.

I would also like to contribute to the film industry, and now I can invest and produce films. Set up my own business, creating brands and looking forward to investment opportunities. It makes things so much easier, but then it opens up a total new world to me. It is just like a dream where I live in, but I have always believed in a happy ending.



So happy April 1st, when amazing happens.