Ataraxia Film Premiere


I was invited to the Film Cast & Crew premiere Sunday 23th of June in Rotterdam. Years gone by, and it was a nice reunion for the crew&cast beside the film premiere. Unfortunately not everyone attended the premiere, as some went abroad or had other duties. And to me I am missing Jenny Hsia who played my partner in Ataraxia. If she attended then perhaps you could see a picture of us two.

About Ataraxia Film

Ataraxia is the debut feature from director Sander Blom. It is an exploration of ‘Life’s Manual’. For instance, on how to survive the boredom of Earth’s paradise.

Our script was in an unknown language called ‘Esperanto’, after 3 years I cannot remember a word Esperanto now. It is created as an easy-to-learn and politically neutral language that transcends nationality and would foster peace and international understanding between people with different regional and/or national languages. It sounds like an European language, a bit of English, French, German and Spanish. In Earth’s paradise, everything is in peace and balance. So we speak Esperanto, an international language where people from different cultures can communicate with each other. This was also the first experience for me to play in front of a green screen and visualising Earth’s paradise. And after watching the film it is the color effects what really surprises me, and the penile part of the beginning is unforgettable.

The film will be released hopefully by the end of this year on TV and DVD.

Sander Blom and Alex Cheung

Photo with the Cast


Metro nieuws

Hello world!

Kung Fu workshop

This morning I gave a Kung Fu lesson at a local Dutch college. The students were around 17/18 years old. I am glad that this school pays extra attention to sports and Martial Arts, especially allowing me to introduce Chinese Kung Fu to this group of students. Karate, Teakwondo, Judo are all familiar sports. But how about Chinese Kung Fu? Which is the father of various Martial Arts.

I asked them to describe Kung Fu in 1 word. The Dutch students in majority said 1 word : ‘Complicated’. Now I was thinking, why does it seems so complicated to these youngsters?  It might because of the rather new and unknown movements of Kung Fu. It comes from the far East, and I can say there is zero attention in the Dutch media about Chinese Kung Fu. What people get to see are the fancy kicks and people flying around in such Kung Fu movies. Which is of course not a realistic image of the Arts of Chinese Kung Fu. We start the class with the Kung Fu greeting and the experience starts. Actually, with proper explanation and guidance, the students learn very fast. The PE teacher recorded the class for evaluation. The students have to learn the theory as well and pass the test. In my opinion all schools should have Kung Fu classes once in a while, simply because of the many benefits of practicing it. (stretching, basic stances, proper body structure, tai chi, self defence) Chinese Kung Fu is a valuable Art.

When I finished teaching I wandered around in the school. It gaves me some old memories from the college time. Now looking back it was a wonderful time isn’t it?

This is what happened when the Kung Fu class starts!

I’m just kidding, the school bell rang.

Moonfestival @ Hong Kong and off to China

Today is my day off at the film set, so that makes some time free to post a blog about my trip to China so far. It is the first time I celebrate the Chinese Moonfestival in Hong Kong. It was a very busy holiday in Hong Kong and the streets are very crowded. Everybody gathers with their family and friends to have dinner. After the dinner with my grandparents, I left Hong Kong to mainland China for the Kung Fu film production where I got the opportunity to experience film making over there.

It is the first time for me to film in China, and the filming culture is really different to the Western. Lots of other things are playing a part and as a person you have to be very flexible. To me the communication was really chaotic at the beginning. There’s more pressure and stress on the set to my early film experience. But I’m getting more use to it now. But one thing I really hate is that 9 out of 10 people smokes cigarettes on the set, and I’m the one who’s not smoking. I don’t like people when they smoke, because it stinks, is bad for your health and it irritates my eyes!
You know, the crazy thing here is when you receive your call sheet that you only know what time your day starts and not what time you’ll be finish filming. Ok, most of the film productions are alike, but here it could be over overtime. You know my eyes popped out when I saw 28 hours on the call sheet, I was like; what does this mean haha! And so I started about 8 in the morning and went back to the hotel like 5 in the morning.. Luckily the studio is just 10 minutes away from the hotel by car. People were sleeping on the chair and on the floor, anywhere to get a nap while waiting.

I’m 2 hours away from Hong Kong and the city is totally different. The pace in Hong Kong is real fast and here in Dongguan it is not like that. It is also not that crowded luckily and the weather is fine. But every time when I’m in China, i’m like looking for food which are not spicy at all. When you ask for non spicy food, it is still a bit spicy. At least to me it is. So I’ve to get use to the food here too and the irregular times.

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11 July 2012 – Move On filmset

I was asked by my casting agency for a small supporting role in the movie ‘Move On’ by Hollywood director Asger Leth. He directed the movie ‘Man on a Ledge’ this year 2012. Move On is an international production, shot in 8 countries. You can find more information about this movie here :

The funny thing about this is that I read about this project 2 weeks ago on their website and it looked like a crowd sourcing production. So people could apply to involve with the project if they were selected.

After I was selected by the casting director they were still looking for more Chinese people for some supporting roles and extras. So being a Dutch Chinese and speaking both languages, it was dedicated to me to do the communication between the two parties. So I helped out with the casting and it was quite fun to be at the audition from another point of view.

Here I was waiting for the make up artist while reading the script.

I took a picture of this beautiful place, in the middle of the Red Light district in Amsterdam which you wouldn’t expect so. I would love to shoot a scene here. And the eye catching grand piano makes me want to try out.

Now it is time to sit on the chair and get my hair cut for a more Hong Kong street guy look. The German Make up artist really surprised me! He puts on Chinese music from Jackie Chan on his phone! Wow, that was great. Didn’t expect that at all! hahaFinished the new haircut! You like it?

Now i’m getting some new tattoos on my skin by the make up artist. Check out more of his work here

Now drawing the tattoo very carefully and I was asked to sit very still. But Banny, who also plays a role in this movie was joking all the time doing crazy kung fu moves hahaha, it was so funny to see!

Wow, see, I took this picture for him and it looks good right!

Together with Dutch actress Giam Kwee.

I’m ready for the shoot!

The filmmaking process is very divers and I’d like to meet people, so I really enjoyed my time on the film set.

Especially great actors.. 🙂

It was really nice to work with an actor who played a villain in the James Bond movie ‘Casino Royale’. Above all, he has won the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival 2012. Wow, I thought by myself, I must learn some acting skills from this man!

Banny, Mads, Alex.

So as you can see it is already midnight. I’m glad to work with the director Asger Leth and contribute to the project helping the director on the set.

Update 2012 – News from Alex Cheung

Dear friends,

Most of you haven’t seen me for a while, and here’s the Update for what I’ve been doing recently –
I actually stopped recreation basketball for 1,5 year, but then 2 months ago there was something like the linsanity and I started playing basketball again, thanks Jeremy Lin 林書豪! I had a lot of pleasure, until I rolled my ankle. I think I just wanted too much, it happens when you push yourself over the limitation of your body. Damn, that was a terrible feeling! Since then I tried to recover as soon as possible, that means no sport, going to Kan Sifu for medical treatment and stay home going up and down the stairs like a baby.

In the meanwhile I’ve been working on my International Marketing Management graduation thesis, and I have finally finished it! Now waiting for the feedback and presentation. Before graduation I have to pass my Spanish exam mid June.

aCreations is now working together with CIMCH Film group, and so i’m writing a Short Film script about stereotyping the Dutch from the perspective of the Chinese community which we will be producing this summer along with some other projects including Wudao Kung Fu short film and a Single Step 2.

Therefore I didn’t had the time to edit and upload the video’s I made before, like my trip to the Wudang Mountains, Hong Kong, Filming and so on..

Coming up Kung Fu performances:
3 June Cultural Sunday Utrecht
11 June R’dam ACSU Singing Finals
12 June R’dam CRTV Chinese have talents
25 June Holland Casino Nijmegen
26 June Holland Casino Utrecht & Eindhoven
2 July Holland Casino Venlo


NED 1 – Stellen (Kung Fu Buddies Alex Cheung & Koon Chan from the Wudao Dragons)

This morning on air Dutch National TV Channel 1 (NEDERLAND 1) broadcasting this interview about our relationship as Kung Fu buddies with Koon Chan (Wudao Dragons).

I still remember in 2008, 5th of May. That day we went to Wageningen to promote Chinese Martial Arts. It is the Dutch national liberty day.  There was a big festival going on. It is one of our first performances, and we never thought we’ll be broadcasted on Dutch National TV talking about Chinese Martial Arts. Now, the same day but 4 years later our interview on air. It is just so symbolic, just shows how interesting life is.

In the near future, I hope to share more and get more opportunities for TV program broadcasts. I will work hard and all support will be appreciated!

“Alex was negen toen hij de 15-jarige Koon leerde kennen op de Martial Arts opleiding. Nu vijftien jaar later vertellen ze over hun vriendschap, Chinese discipline en de liefde voor Martial Arts.” for more behind the scenes photos!

Get Microsoft Silverlight Bekijk de video in andere formaten.

Winnen doe je bij? De staatsloterij! (joke/prank/1 april grap)

It is just unbelievable, when I heard that I won the lottery together with the neighbors. Winning the lottery is a lot of luck and ones destiny. After the ambassadors, Quinty, Martijn and Gaston arrived in town. They handed over the cheque after the announcement and had some registration. Then we took some photos and celebrated together. I couldn’t sleep for nights..

Look at the lucky faces, the prize money was shared by the lucky millionaires.

It changes my life for sure, it makes things much easier. Now, with the money I can obtain my life goals faster than ever and pursue my dream. I can take care my parents and family. Help other people out, and I am so thankful for that.

I have been asked for many times what I am going to do with all the money. Well, I have donated a large sum to charity foundations, I think this is a special opportunity that god gave me, and I am just fulfilling my duty as a human. Trying to help the world for a better tomorrow. I mean that’s life, carrying for each other out of compassion. That’s why I am supporting the UNICEF, Red Cross, Jackie Chan’s Dragon’s Heart Foundation and Jet li’s One Foundation etc.

I would also like to contribute to the film industry, and now I can invest and produce films. Set up my own business, creating brands and looking forward to investment opportunities. It makes things so much easier, but then it opens up a total new world to me. It is just like a dream where I live in, but I have always believed in a happy ending.



So happy April 1st, when amazing happens.


Just turned 25

03/03/2012 – Man, I just realized that i’ve lived for a quarter of a century ~

Thank you all for the congratulations and birthday wishes.

Thanks for the birthday dinner buddies! Some good friends of mine came with some seafood, they didn’t catched a lobster but a flatfish, and not a small one though XD The first thing that comes in my mind was, does anybody knows how to prepare this fish? How did we managed to make it ready for dinner. Uhum.. nobody knew exactly how, the one said this and the other that. But at the end we made a nice dinner with 10 people in the kitchen cooking, it is the first time with a bunch of peeps cooking, and it felt more like an experiment than making a dinner. Anyways, it was good to see you guys since i’ve been in Hong Kong for some time and thanks for the extra battery pack for my DSLR, I can definitely use it!

I had lots of great experiences the past years and I hope it will continue flowing to my goals. I’m not sure if there will be a big party this year, since I want to concentrate and finish my thesis first.. but we’ll see!

I want to edit all the footage of all the birthday parties in the last couple of years, since I haven’t done that yet. It may be a good idea to see the nice memories back. I still have so many media content, referring to the editing hours . . would be happy if I can use some help haha ;P

If I look back, wow time is flying by amazingly fast. hahaha and life is just so wonderful. Don’t you think so?


Living in Hong Kong

I will first introduce you to Hong Kong with some general information which I think is worth noticing.

Hong Kong became a colony of the British Empire after the First Opium War (1839–1842). Later the Japanese took over the authority in the world war during their invasion. Since 1997 China resumed sovereignty over Hong Kong. As it was governed by rules both under British and Chinese administration. It influenced a lot of today’s Hong Kong. For example, the educational system is similar to England. Scholars and students wear uniforms. The right hand sided driving direction and the traffic signs, really noticeable for the traveler like me. When I just arrived in Hk, I often forgot which side the traffic is coming so have to double check 2 sides, a matter of getting use to it. The street names which are by the way in Chinese characters And English. The language, you can communicate in English in this beautiful city. So, the time period greatly influenced the current culture of Hong Kong, often described as “East meets West”

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. and the world’s most vertical city. It also have a highly developed transportation network, which public transport coverage is the highest in the world.

Japan & Radiation

As for the horrible catastrophe in Japan,  radiation have been a hot topic over the world. It is not only effecting the Japanese cities, but it seems to have a huge impact as a wave of danger towards nearby countries. Well, here in Hong Kong, I have not yet seen any thing very remarkable or unusual as the news is still speaking about the situation in Japan and the affects of this dramatic catastrophe. But I have to say there are people standing in the row for salt. Most of them are senior citizens who are afraid of the salt stock running empty, and some believes that salt will strengthen you against radiation. It actually does, but it would not help in this small amount of radiation/salt. Plus, over eating salt is also not good for your health.

What really affected Hong Kong citizen’s everyday life is that the prices of vegetables and meat increased for about 10% – 20% caused by the reduced import quote. That is for so far I have noticed of the effects from this catastrophe in Hong Kong. Hope that the economy will recover soon. I wish the best for them.

Hong Kong apartment

The first things to do, packing out my luggage and cleaning up the room. The furniture was full of dust. I like everything to be clean. At least, I’m striving for a cleaned up room =P  So, got some work to do. I really like home furnishing and interior design. You know, when I was a scholar, interior architect was one of the possible professions I’d like to go for. I’d like to be creative.

As you can see I bought 2 Gatsby gels which are available in multi colors with different specs. I have not yet tried the orange and black one. But the pink one is just a bit too dry, but very strong.

These are perfumes to make your room smells really good. And it easily last for a month, or at least over 3 weeks. I think the smell in a room is also important because it gives you a special feel when entering a room. If the look is good, smells good then the taste would probably be no less than good.

My first Sushi lunch, here it comes, tadaa

This is the Durian fruit, it is also known as the King of Fruits. If you are in Asia, you should try this! For this fruit, there is a believe that you like it very much or you really dislike it! Cuz it has a very strong smell but tastes really good!

I’m thinking about taking a smartphone, but I still kinda like the flip phone I’m using now. You know, those tablets are getting more popular and people are communicating on road with these tablets like the Samsung Galaxy tablet which is smaller than the Ipad, but people do videocall eachother in shopping malls and on the street to interact with it. Sometimes it is really funny to talk with such a big device, because it made me think of the 大哥大’s in the old days, which are the first big cellphones with antenna’s.

This is a very traditional snack in Hong Kong. It is named ‘鸡蛋子‘ by the local people which means literally ‘little eggs‘. I only know that it is made out of eggs and butter, don’t know if there are any other ingredients as it is a ‘secret’ recipe. But what I know for sure is that it taste DELICIOUS!

Furthermore, I have been to the Hong Kong International Lighting & Electronics Fair with my internship company.

Lots of people, cool stuff, innovative designs and a lot of walking xD

I would definitely have more fun with you guys here to joke around, cuz the people here are so serious and mean. But it is really great to check this out!

I saw this beautiful watch and I just love it!

The pink one in the middle yeah, with the butterfly in the center, what a lovely design right? =)

Unfortunately I don’t have a girlfriend to buy her this and my sis have had her birthday present already, so I’ll leave it right there and took this picture. =)

I think this is really a beautiful picture, a construction worker sitting on bamboo constructed working area doing his everyday job. This picture has the Hong Kong traditional flavour. To me, it is more than a normal picture.

I thought I would have plenty of time. In the answer of this question I could both say yes and no. I’m using my time differently. I think it is another way of living, a good thing is that I have more a fixed routine now, I mean a better time scheduled and I can concentrate more in study/training/living than back in Holland with you guys to distract me!  ;P

36 mail to go, having more than 20 mails done last week.. Should go on.. talk to ya next time!

Ps. The next time I’ll be blogging or hopefully vlogging over my experiences with the local Hong Kong people and society. So stay tuned and we’ll keep in touch, bye!