Shooting My Dearest Mastermind

Art. 273 Charity Foundation wants to influence the public opinion of human trafficking. To rise the awareness of those criminal activities and issues around the world.

Mission Art. 273 : abolishing human trafficking by:

  • making injustice visible
  • influencing public opinion
  • creating awareness
  • supporting local projects

ART273 from art273 on Vimeo.

Did you know that Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in history?

“Next to arms and drugs, also the most profitable. There are 27 million people sold across borders into slavery today. 50% of the victims are minors, roughly 80% are girls and women. That’s about twice the combined population of London and New York. Experts say it would take 25 years to end human trafficking and slavery. But only if we join forces. We have to reverse history!”

It is a serious issue, the stories are horrible. Especially when you hear it personally. Things happens in the world and sometimes it could be so horrible. Then you realize how lucky most of us already are.

My Dearest Mastermind is an initiative of Chung Dha Lam, he wrote the script and basically made this short. This charity film is to fight against human trafficking to raise the awareness of this happening. It is a local project for the fund raising Charity Event. My little contribution is to volunteer the leading role.

I was first asked to direct this short. But things changes very fast, and instead of behind the scene, I am now in front of the camera. It is a good experience.

First of all, we all voluntarily participate in this charity project. There is No budget, which means; no expense allowance and candy’s for dinner. To me, it is mainly to support this charity event.

Shooting day 1

Today, I started with a meeting in the morning for next weeks Chinese New Year event. After that I rushed to my Wushu class to give lesson to my kids, then again, rushed to The Hague for filming or actually acting. I was sooo hungry! Didn’t had time for breakfast or lunch. In the car I took a piece of cake which I had from the birthday girl.

The location is like a hospital, a center for rehabilitation or something. But with nobody in the rooms and office. Of course it is Saturday day off. The location was reserved for shooting. I was reading my script which I received the last night. Luckily there is not much speaking in this film.

Finally, we were 5 hours on the set and we just shot 12 minutes and 4gb the first day. It is way too slow.

I’m tired after all the work today. My back tooth hurts. When the mandarins were eaten, there was only candy on the table to still the hunger, so that’s why.

Shooting day 2

I was shocked when I checked the call sheet for Sunday. The call from 12.00 which is heaven, but we were expected to shoot till 01.00? How come? It is not that much filming I suppose. But I believe we will shoot faster than the first day.

I’m not telling too much, this short film will be launched online. So I’ll post it when it’s done! But I can assure you the nice images, beautiful exposure in the film!

Now i’m leaving you, i’m going to the premiere at The Hague stadhuis for the Charity Fund Raising Event.

I’m wondering how much money we can generate for this charity fund!