CFO office chair for sister’s birthday

So this is the follow up of my last blog. We had a great time with my sisters birthday and I shot some photos and videos with my new DSLR lens. I’m really happy that I payed for 80 euro’s more having the VC function which reduces the shocks and stabilizes the video. The video is uploaded on my Youtube account AlexCheungVlog. If i’m mounting it on the steadycam it would even smoother, wow can’t wait to see it! Yalen is working on a new ‘manfrottosteadycam for our aCreations productions. Yeah, we’re coming back this summer!

Okay, back to topic. So I came up with the idea to buy my sister a new office chair since she is not really using her earlier one, because that one really sucks. It was a lounge chair more than a office chair. And it wasn’t cheap bought 3 years ago. This is the bomb! So we bought this one at the ikea, it is sitting very comfortable. Xin said to me, since he was with me when we tested out numerous of chairs, damn, if I knew this had the back leaning function I would have bought this one last week!

I installed the offfice chair and wrapped up the empty box, well, we put some wax candles with cranberry scent in the box and the manual of the chair. When she opened up the box it was empty, such a big box and only with the candles in it. Then we carried the chair carefully downstairs for the surprise effect while singing the birthday song.

So this is it, she is already using it everyday. And our mission to keep her working place at her desk rather than her bed did worked! Hi 5