Update 2012 – News from Alex Cheung

Dear friends,

Most of you haven’t seen me for a while, and here’s the Update for what I’ve been doing recently –
I actually stopped recreation basketball for 1,5 year, but then 2 months ago there was something like the linsanity and I started playing basketball again, thanks Jeremy Lin 林書豪! I had a lot of pleasure, until I rolled my ankle. I think I just wanted too much, it happens when you push yourself over the limitation of your body. Damn, that was a terrible feeling! Since then I tried to recover as soon as possible, that means no sport, going to Kan Sifu for medical treatment and stay home going up and down the stairs like a baby.

In the meanwhile I’ve been working on my International Marketing Management graduation thesis, and I have finally finished it! Now waiting for the feedback and presentation. Before graduation I have to pass my Spanish exam mid June.

aCreations is now working together with CIMCH Film group, and so i’m writing a Short Film script about stereotyping the Dutch from the perspective of the Chinese community which we will be producing this summer along with some other projects including Wudao Kung Fu short film and a Single Step 2.

Therefore I didn’t had the time to edit and upload the video’s I made before, like my trip to the Wudang Mountains, Hong Kong, Filming and so on..

Coming up Kung Fu performances:
3 June Cultural Sunday Utrecht
11 June R’dam ACSU Singing Finals
12 June R’dam CRTV Chinese have talents
25 June Holland Casino Nijmegen
26 June Holland Casino Utrecht & Eindhoven
2 July Holland Casino Venlo


CFO office chair for sister’s birthday

So this is the follow up of my last blog. We had a great time with my sisters birthday and I shot some photos and videos with my new DSLR lens. I’m really happy that I payed for 80 euro’s more having the VC function which reduces the shocks and stabilizes the video. The video is uploaded on my Youtube account AlexCheungVlog. If i’m mounting it on the steadycam it would even smoother, wow can’t wait to see it! Yalen is working on a new ‘manfrottosteadycam for our aCreations productions. Yeah, we’re coming back this summer!

Okay, back to topic. So I came up with the idea to buy my sister a new office chair since she is not really using her earlier one, because that one really sucks. It was a lounge chair more than a office chair. And it wasn’t cheap bought 3 years ago. This is the bomb! So we bought this one at the ikea, it is sitting very comfortable. Xin said to me, since he was with me when we tested out numerous of chairs, damn, if I knew this had the back leaning function I would have bought this one last week!

I installed the offfice chair and wrapped up the empty box, well, we put some wax candles with cranberry scent in the box and the manual of the chair. When she opened up the box it was empty, such a big box and only with the candles in it. Then we carried the chair carefully downstairs for the surprise effect while singing the birthday song.

So this is it, she is already using it everyday. And our mission to keep her working place at her desk rather than her bed did worked! Hi 5

Winner of NCRV TV show ‘I know where your house lives’

Yesh!!! We have won the game show!! Let’s get to party! hahaha

I am really happy because I was quite excited about it, the sphere was also quit competitive. Both parties had the will to win. But there is just one winner.. and we did it!

I was invited to participate with this new cultural TV show with my family, where two families from different culture plays against each other in an interactive quiz. We had to answer cultural questions to know each other better. And to see how people think about the other cultural group. It was fun to be on a television show along with my family and friends. It was meaningful, and happy to represent the Chinese party. If you didn’t made it, be sure to be there next time!

I had been there before, so it was not hard to find the AKN building in Hilversum. I had to pick up the VIP’s, my cousins Manuela and Edwin, it was really slippery on the road, because of the snow/ice here in Holland. We glided at a turn and almost hit the other vehicle! Luckily Dark Angel stopped right in time. When we finally arrived in Hilversum at the studio, we were taken care by the makeup artist and then we directly moved in a hurry to the recording room with a green screen to shoot an introduction video. Seriously the building was like a maze, so many doorways where you could easily get lost to. Then they told us that it could be the Suriname or the Moroccan family but still didn’t revealed the so-called ‘North Pole family’, which we’ve been told since the beginning. We’ve been asked to tell our thoughts and prejudices of other parties. Then we headed to the studio for the program recording. There we meet the other party. It is the Moroccan family. We had a small talk and let the technical staff do their work.

Then the Moroccan family starts to sang their national anthem, and we asked David to perform some Chinese Kungfu. He did a good job. It was a nice powerful performance on stage. I would like to perform together with him but I had all the microphone and wires on my clothes. So that was not handy. We enjoyed the performance and the stage was well decorated as our living room. They made a Moroccan and a Chinese living room where we were sitting with our supporters. On the side there was seats for audience. Mimoun Ouled Radi (actor) was the captain of the Moroccan family. I have to say, he really likes to joke around, he’s a fun guy. Our group were led by Lulu Wang (writer). I am not giving away the whole show. So I’ll try to keep it short, it was excited, the scores are tight, it was interesting to learn more about each others culture. This show will be broadcast in January 2011. So stay tuned, I’ll post it on my Facebook page and this website, it would be announced by aCreations when the date is confirmed.

I am very happy to see you guys ~

Thanks everyone for coming and your support! Cheers!


Congratulations was the message, Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah 😀

I didn’t noticed by myself but it was Xin who let me know that I’ve been selected. I checked the website of Cinemasia and yesh, it confirmed. My heartbeat increased immediately. I was so excited, that I couldn’t  think clear for a couple of hours, I felt the nerves even more than before a performance. The feeling was like a butterfly in your stomach.

My friends were excited for the announcement too, they asked me several times if I have heard from them or not. But I thought just let it be, don’t want to stress for it. So didn’t checked my mail continuously. The happiness came from inside out. I was smiling even when I slept 😀

I need to launch the website for aCreations as soon as possible. But .com & .nl is already occupied 🙁  So we need to find another alternative. We’ve put a Poll online see:

Tomorrow I have the introduction in Amsterdam, exciting!