Day 2 – TVB International Kung Fu Star 2011 shooting

Today, we fought all day long, and training, rehearsals. With MC Jin and Chin Ka Lok, actor/action choreographer.  Have slept for less than 5 hours yesterday we spent our day at the rooftop of TVB Studios. I would like to share more and show you some pics or even videos but I should sleep now, cuz TVB bus is picking me at 6.30 in the morning. And I’m really happy TVB bus took me home today, cuz ytd was like 23.30 home and getting up at 5.30

Man, all the finalist are doing really good and works hard. But it is indeed tiring for us all.

Some info I would like to share with you about the final contest. There are 8 Finalists, representing different countries;

Hong Kong (2) Tai Chi & Wushu, Choy Lee Fat

Holland (me) Wudang, Wingchun, Bakmei, Shaolin Wushu

Malaysia (2) Wushu

Singapore (1) Wushu

UK (1) Southern styles and Wushu, basically knows all weapons!

USA (1) Shaolin Temple
I’ll reveal what they will perform when I’ve got time to sit behind my lap!