Race against time

Hi guys! I told you that i’m tryin to keep up my blog. I’m so busy these days. Where can I buy time?! I think I need to hire a personal assistant. Today I went to the meeting at 15.00 in Amsterdam with my mentor. We had a good talk about my short film and exchanged some ideas and he asked me questions to make clear how to film this story. He gave me some good advices. Then I left his office and went to the second meeting at 17.30 – NFTA meeting with production team. Btw. Altough the office is clean white, but there was an eye-catching red lounge chair in his office, it looked very comfortable, stylish and artistic. Then I walked for 10 minutes and had a snack and went right away to the next meeting location at ‘Waterlooplein’.

I need to say that the meeting with the production team is quite productive, it was totally different from the first meeting I had. The first was more the artistic sense etc. and the second is more realistic planning. We talked about the storyline, scenes, every detail, but mainly the production process, financial aspects and everything around. It is a tight schedule, if we had more time it would made a big difference, and I will stress less. That means a + for the quality of the final product. But I’m a fighter, and I’m going for the A+, and my team will!

Phew, I feel lucky that my browser didn’t crash! cuz that would be said . .

Facebook: I have been non-active for 4 days now . . It cost me time to follow all that stuff. Although I like te share.

Sooner or later I’ll be posting another blog, but personal happenings the last days (Caught by Police) So stay tuned!

Just to give you a glance at my (short time) to do list:


  1. Mail update to mentor
  2. Work out script 3rd version before sunday
  3. Synopsis 3rd version
  4. Screenplay
  5. Set up casting profile
  6. Casting
  7. Look for suitable locations
  8. Transport / Cathering
  9. Meet up with crew (cameraman, light, sound, editor)
  10. Reply mails


  1. Order carport
  2. Pay road tax (bleeeh)
  3. Editing short video project (must be done friday)  Cost me approx. 2 hours 🙁
  4. Saturday noon short video project
  5. Write intro announcement for performance and select the music.
  6. Saturday noon Final Kungfu Performance Rehearsal
  7. Saturday eve Kungfu performance at Hilversum
  8. Contact University for missing marks
  9. A lot of mailssss

Ps. I’m looking for actors/actresses! interested? Don’t hesitate, E-mail me now! [email protected]

Pss. Don’t think that I have plenty of time, i’m already running out of time. I’m writing this for you at late night!