Enjoy Life, Keep it Simple.

4 March, 2011 – I would like to share this day with you, because I really enjoyed this day and it can be linked to the subject of this blog.

I went to school in the early morning to prepare my internship and stay abroad. As I have only taken a banana and some cornflakes I was hungry. There was a lot of people in neat clothing at the canteen, seems like a business event. I saw some nice bread rolls and snacks on the tables, so I took some of it and filled my stomach.

In the afternoon I went to a casting for a TV game show with some friends. I had to rush for the bus, it’s been a long time that I have to sprint for the bus since I have my own car, it felt good to have some action once in a while like in the movie scenes, crossing the streets, passing by those bicycles though and I made it just before the door closed.

When I arrived at the train station I waited in a passport photo machine reading today’s newspaper.

Then I got busted by my mate David & Christien and we were ready to go to Amsterdam for the casting.

When we stepped in the train there were seats with luggage and at the other side a man with her partner sitting, I asked him if the bag is his and he said: yes. and stared at me for a second without saying anything. Then I asked if he could move away the bag so that I can sit there with my friends and he was looking a bit angry and his partner took away the bag. Very strange, if you want you can buy 2 train tickets right.

During the trip I was reading my newspaper and David like always playing with his Iphone, Christien was having her snack, wrap with garlic and she ate it so slowly that, an hour later she was still biting on her wrap.. I was like finish it quick please, the strong garlic smell was terrible haha.

When waiting at the casting bureau, there was a guy he stared down at Christien, and we were kidding in the Chinese language, like he has a crush on you, or maybe he’s gay and then he turned looking at me. After a while he sat down and it seems he understand a bit Chinese! We were all laughing. Actually I don’t want to talk about the casting, because it was crazy for what we did. If you really wanna know, just ask me and maybe I’ll tell you!

After the audition we walked down the streets of Amsterdam and while Christien was yelling for the Bubble tea which you can get in Chinatown, we went in the next Burger King to have a bite. I had a very pleasant talk while eating my meal. I ordered another meal and asked Chocolate milk instead of Cola. But that was not included in the choice. The lady was from Hungary and said to me: Don’t tell anyone about it! and she gave me the Chocolate milk I wanted so much 😀

This is probably the most funny action today, Monkey business. At the Dam, with lots of tourists, and there was a camera crew interviewing people and christien  and I waved and pointed at Christien, then we were interviewed by the reporter and he thought we were foreigners and spoke in English and I was answering back in English for the fun. After a talk Christien suddenly replied in Dutch and he got phranked!!! hahahahaa  Man! he was astonished, he was speechless and then suddenly jumped in the air haha

After this we thought it could only be funnier and Christien wants to get rid of the 1 cent coin and I wanted to take a picture with the figures at the Dam square. Then she came up with the idea to take a picture for 1 cent, she believed the guy in the monkey suit wouldn’t see what she put in the box . . and so I was like you do it I’ll take the picture. So we went to the Gorilla with the stick and I was ready with the camera and when she bent over to put the coin in the box she was flabbergasted and ashamed, because there were only a few coins of 2 euros in the box. Her body and mind stopped working for a moment and it was a really funny situation. Her plan failed and I was pushing her to take the photo. Then I tried to help her out of the situation and took out 30 cents of my pocket and put it in the box. The gorilla was shaking his head clearly not satisfied and pointed his finger asking for 1 euro. But I didn’t had any coins anymore and I looked at David and Christien. You know what Christien said to me, Alex c’mon let’s go! Get back the 30 cents because you have not taken the picture right. You should get it back. Then I was in the same embarrassing situation Christien was before, I thought for a moment and I looked at the ape very attractively blinking with my eyes and he said okay let’s do it quick and we could take the picture for just 30 cents haha, see!

We laughed so much afterward 😀

While on our way to Chinatown for the Bubble tea, we suddenly end up in the middle of the Red light district. They say that girls are not good at directions. Now I see why =P

And finally after a lot of walking we arrived in Chinatown. David ordered some roasted meat rice meal to take away, while waiting there was a newspaper on the table, with a very nice model posing. I pointed to the picture and asked Christien if she’s find it nice, but when I turned my head it was a man who’s standing next to me looking. Then Christien can’t stop laughing while I’m trying to hold my laugh at this inappropriate situation.

At the Bubble Tea restaurant, we met a girl, actually the waitress, we had some chitchat and guess what, Christien then asked the manager if she could join our table hahaha  (can you imagine that) xD

This is the Victoria hotel where we played the grand piano..

Really amazing how people like Christien learn to play the piano via Youtube, it is just incredible. Of course if you want to play it good, I will recommend you to study at the local music school or find a private teacher to learn the basic skills before continuing.

Life could be very simple, or made very complicated. Forgetting the difficult things in life by having a relaxing moment can really energize you to taste more of the life itself.

The key to enjoying a simple pleasure is to fully appreciate what you are getting out of it. You are not wasting time; you are allowing your active brain some time off from the daily routine. Allow yourself to relax, soak up the fortunate feeling of being free to enjoy something so simple. Let your mind think of nothing but the simple pleasure that you are doing.

I fully believe learning new things and pushing ourselves beyond our boundaries can make us feel happy and lively, it allows us to experience many things we otherwise would not, (and I totally think we need this entrepreneurial spark to enhance fulfillment) we must always enjoy life and have fun in the process.

I think it’s incredibly important to tell your friends and family you love them too. Life is not guaranteed from one moment to the next…

Always remember to have fun and enjoy!

There is a lot to learn every single day and always will be. Just take on what you can handle. Remember to take a break to smell the roses. Reach out to others for support and be there for them too. Love lots, laugh… and laugh often.

I took this picture while typing this blog for 2 hours at my French balcony, I enjoyed the sun with a glass of icetea.

Did you enjoyed of something that you’d like to share with the rest of us? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!