The younger Chinese generation (invitation)

This year is the celebration of 100 years Chinese in Holland. We have seen a lot from the first and second generations Chinese in Holland now, and wondering what will the future look like with the younger Chinese generation. Therefore 20 youngsters are selected to be portrayed in this exhibition.

There will be portraits about  their ambition, dreams and future. It is my honor to be showcased as one of the youngsters during this exhibition and a pleasure to me working with Eveline and Pay-Uun for the interview and photo session.

Stopera is literally the combination of the city hall of Amsterdam and Opera (music theater) in one building in the center of Amsterdam.

The photo show will be available until 2 December 2011 in the Stopera Amsterdam. This Saturday 29th of October, 14.00 – 16.00 Andre Es (wethouder/alderman) will be opening this great event with a speech.

Hope to you meet you there.

Photos by Eveline Renaud professional photographer  &  Documented by Volkskrant journalist Pay-Uun Hiu