Tears from heaven

I feel so damn lucky having friends to share the joy with me. Able to express myself and inspire people, being creative as I love to be. I am proud of the things I do, lots of people even don’t have the chance for, eating what a like to eat, saying what I am thinking, living in a house while millions of people are homeless, learning many things as thousands and thousands of children can’t even afford a pencil. We are so damn lucky that we don’t have to think about how to survive tomorrow, but stupidly worrying which hamburger we order for dinner. I am glad to be here in the world. When you realize this, you will get out more of your life and start to care about others and this beautiful world. How would you pass on this planet?

It is important to realize how important communication is. Getting your message over rightly. If you feel happy, show it, if not, tell them. Talk, as we have a mouth to speak, listen as we have ears to listen carefully. And if you share your thoughts or story today! Your life may be different tomorrow!

I am really thankful to the people who are supporting me, and my parents who are standing behind me. They are really lovely.

Apart of all the happiness, I am willing to start with sharing a bit of my inner feeling this moment.

I have selected this song, which I find very nice and touching. It has nothing to do with the lyrics as I don’t know what it is about. I think I’ll try to play this song on piano later this month, it must be beautiful.

Yes, I feel so sad,. :'(
This needle in my heart need to be pulled out. It has deeply infected me. I thought I can handle it. but when time goes by, it is only getting deeper and deeper. I tried to forget the needle and the pain since it is not listening to me. When time goes by the wound became a scar with the needle still somewhere deep inside my heart.
Time by time, It hurts me so much. I can’t let it go, because the needle is my friend, and my heart has feelings. My actions are strong, but my feelings are sensitive yet fragile.
Every time I try to pull it out, it fights back, it is ignoring me. Every moment I think of it, I can feel the pain that I stand through.
I was asking myself, do you believe that one day this would be relieved? I answered in my mind; All I know is that I believe in myself. Like the sun will rise tomorrow, I will keep on fighting. That motivates me not to give up, the needle that once was in hands of my dear friend. I push myself each time to go bravely with hope and positiveness, till now, I left with tears in my eyes.

But I promise when one day this knot is finally unraveled, I will share my happiness with you right here in my blog.

Thanks for reading my little tear dropping story ..