After Rain there Will Be Sunshine

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo, I made it!
As I promised, I proudly tell you that after storm and rain, sunshine and sunset, the rainbow appears in night!! wow, seems impossible right?
but it really did, haha I’m so happy.
Happy to had such a day tonight. It was so sweet to see the true colors shining through. Shiny, pure and splendid. And in my heart, I don’t feel stuck anymore. I am relieved from my feelings.
My heart is beating strongly. It never felt this strong before, like nothing can stop it now. I strongly believe in myself that nothing is impossible.

After a long day on the set I was tired. Together with the Wu Dao Dragon David, actor Michael, Marsipulami and singer Denny Christian we had a lot of fun.
We had a role as the Chinese businessmen for a comic TV series ‘Toren C’. We were shooting on the rooftop of a commercial building. The location was just like the same as in the famous infernal affairs rooftop scenes. We where so-called escorted with a helicopter to the rooftop and there we suppose to have a performance of Danny Christian. It was windy but the sun was shining so that compromises. There were commercial buildings around our office and you can clearly see those employees looking out the window curiously for quite a while haha, that was fun to see.
After the wrap we took the train and went home. Without a notice David and I felt asleep leaning with my head on the window. An old lady took a picture from us, but I was too tired too ask why. Maybe because of our stylish haircut by the makeup artist. Then I remember someone woke me up with a phone call for some diamonds business.. While we were still sleepy we arrived at Utrecht station. I was so tired that I took the wrong train back home. I went all the way to Amersfoort and ya . .

Actually I was not really in the mood to meet her tonight, I was afraid that we will have another argue which annoys me so much, but after a shower I was fresh and energized. Ready to go and it ended up as a very special day to me.

What a wonderful moment, I can hardly describe it. The day I have been waiting for..
I have no words for it. You have to see my face XD gosh,.,. this is amazing. The best expression is coming from inside out, now THAT is what’s happening, I can’t stop smiling, a smile that comes from inside out. Soo lovely ^^
I am so happy that I can kiss every bypassing girl. I want to tell and show everyone my happiness! That’s why I yelled out right away in the restaurant, stopped by the girl next to me. Cuz I was at the point to run through the restaurant and climb over the counter and kiss the chef! No i’m just kidding =P
I have always said to myself, one day, this package, a box full of sticky notes messages will be delivered to the right addressee. Like a plaster on the wound. Love and care is magic. You know, lots of people give up at an early stage. There were also friends who didn’t believed this would be fine one day, but now I can tell them, we have settled this and it feels even better and stronger than before. You know, my spirit will fight till the end. Because I believe!

At this moment, life can not be better. I feel so lucky. You know, being sad, angry, frustrated or whatever you want to call it, asks a lot of negative effort. Life should be energized, by positiveness. Now I was stuck at a moment, I was disappointed in her and at the same time don’t want to hurt her, because I was afraid to loose her as a girl friend. I have written down my feelings, I have expressed my feelings through music, shared my thoughts with friends. You know, I prefer to talk with friends whom are elder than myself to bring up some wise and new perspectives. but nothing is better than to look into her eyes and say what I felt. I’ve tried many times to settle this but it was not easy, and I think most important is not to give up.

Because of this happening, I realizes how important communication is and delivering the right message. I also feel that she somehow give me positive energy which I cherish.
After all this, I now even more appreciate friendship and every relationship.

It was a difficult time we had, it always ends up with at least some argues. We both struggled. I know you want the best for me and I had the same for you too, We both had the same good intention, but somehow it wasn’t that what we expected to be. I thank you deeply for sharing my view. As I knew the road ahead was not easy, I am not afraid in the dark, cause I know there are stars to guide us to the right direction.
GOD has already planned that day, you just need to believe in it. You see, it just happened! Remember my words, I’ll be there if you should need me. You don’t have to worry.

By the way, I would like to thank Helen for her time with me sharing thoughts, she is so nice. I tell you what, now I have been to Vapiano for 2 times now, both dinners are treat by a girl. You see how lucky I should be?

I now appreciate the moments we had, they are just So Sweet,.,.
I want to be the best Alex Cheung on this planet and right now I am the luckiest Alex Cheung.

The year of the Rabbit started for me quite well, everything starts to run.
I believe this year, would be another great year with lots of opportunities and experiences.
I am looking for new challenges!
I dare to say that everything what you have seen by now is just a foretaste.
The real thing is going to start soon, so please be prepared =)
We’re going to live life to the ultimate!

God from the heavens, Thanks for watching my back.