‘The Journey to the East’ – Internship in China

Hi guys, sorry for not blogging for a while. I have to say that I have arrived safely in Hong Kong, China. I had a very busy time plus my internet went down.. Just had the maintenance guy came by and replaced the modem. Jetlag and trying to stay away from the shopping habit and really trying not to overeat with the delicious food here.

The days are going so fast, remembering the afternoon at my university where I had a free lunch of the nice lady working at the canteen, but actually I do not believe free lunch in this world.
So, everything was fine and as a matter of happiness I felt I have to treat my car a nice polish wash and so I fed my lobsters a piece of crabstick too, hmm yummi! (which I think they are really telling me)

There are still so many things which I want to share with you, I think I’ll post it next week. By the way! I have to update my www.facebook.com/alexcheung.nl ! and still got loads of mails to reply . .

I have been vlogging in Hong Kong but not yet time to edit and put them online. If you’d like to check out my ‘A Journey to the East’ AC Vlog series at www.youtube.com/alexcheungvlog (I’ve registered a new Youtube account specially for my journey to the East) [Subscribe to this account if you don’t want to miss a video]

How lovely ^^ taken with her birthday present ‘Polaroid Fuji Mini 25’

let’s not mention about the first take xD

My face sweeter than the Chokotoff chocolate

and ouch, when i see that finger

Please, be careful ya!

Heavy loaded luggage,.,. with books . . . O_O”