I’m so happy, not only because of the sunshine the past few days, it is VICTORY !! I won 2 and a half battle! I’m so excited, because it took us years! And now, it is reality!

We won the legal proceedings!! What happened? We had an issue for a few years with the new owner/’landlord’ of our shop where I took care of the communication between the parties. They want us to leave, so that they can sell the property. They tried everything to succeed. Last week the judge rejected all the points which the counter-party claimed for. This was one of the factors I delayed my graduation internship abroad.

And second my internship has been approved! Whooooooooooohoooo, I’ll be soon in Hong Kong for my graduation internship. Then I’ll have more time to blog! And then you all should check my blog to keep you up to dated =)

Another thing is that the garage door has blown away, in other words, cracked. Cost us another door but this time stronger and heavier. Now I’ve chosen for the sectional garage door for the carport instead of the light rolling door. This new garage door goes up in 4 parts and uses a different technique (hanging under the carport ceiling rather rolling up). Now the job is done, I’m happy with it. This one is really nice, it makes me feel like I’m stepping in a Batmobile sometimes because of the carport and doorway. Push the button and the door opens up, it feels good 😉

Art of War

What if two powers comes together. One, they would dominate the world or Two, it would turn out into a historical battle. I think most of the times, if a so-called ‘negotiation’ failed, mankind ought to fight before they make the deal. Just like animals. Showing their power and territory is the way. As Sun Tzu stated, all warfare is based on deception. Now, what if you see your opponent rush into the battlefield, let say a 150.000 army in sight. You would prepare for that hopefully. But what if you cannot see your opponent coming? If the other half of the army is coming from opposite direction? You should not be underestimated too. Your army counts a 100.000 large army in the defense. As the other attacks, you remain calm. When the troops arrives, steps on your ground, it is time to fire a flaming arrow into the area soaked with flammable oil and let the fight begin. I think, these are the most deadliest warriors on Earth.

It requires intensive thinking power. Discovering intentions and war tactics, making the decision when to fire. It is about decision making while in the middle of the Battlefield, a competitive battle based on strategies. Dying without noticing who killed you . . it could have been anyone, from anywhere, just like a backstabber. He wouldn’t let you expect that, right?

The opponent is really though. There are not many of them on this planet. It is nice to have battles in life. To me it is important to learn from.

A battle never ends, it just start another warfare. My conclusion of this half the battle.

If someone is trying to pull you down, you should be proud of it. Because it means only one thing that you are above them.

This time I have chosen for this Inspirational video to encourage you, empowering your strength and Courage. Hope that you’ll like it.