This afternoon, at a sudden moment, I stopped working. I felt that I should go out and take a break, not a Kitkat. I just shut down my laptop and took the keys and get in the car. I started the motor, lowered the windows and drove around, I had no destination in mind.

If you say nothing does it mean yes? In Western world they say, silence is consent. But that is not true in Asia. At least, if you deal with Chinese people, what they literally say doesn’t always correspond to what they mean. If you don’t say anything about it, does it mean you don’t know what is happening? Don’t be silly. We are no kids anymore.

In this way, I was a bit upset.

You know why my Celica is named ‘Dark Angel’? Of course it matched the color midnight black and it IS a beauty. But perhaps, because she has never left me alone in the dark.
I can go anywhere I want, free as a bird. She will take me there. Because she is listening. While driving, I had some flashbacks. Another matter, I have some things still need to be cleared up with a girlfriend of mine. After a row of misunderstandings, we still didn’t talked about it which I find pitiful. The point is that we both care about each other, and the intention is good. But it didn’t went as I wish to. I still believe in it, and I will not give up so easily. I think that is very important to lots of friendships & relationships. Talk to each other.

Now I have a lot of friends. Good friends ya, but sometimes I’m wondering how many of them that I can really hook up for no reason? I think still enough.

Can I bother you for a moment?

What’s the matter?

Not much . . Actually, I don’t have a reason.. why, why do we need a reason to connect. Can we just . .  no.

I can imagine these situations. Well, I should be happy with the result I had.

You know, some people think, I am one big happy guy. Because I am often making fun, happy as I want to be. I mean you can choose to laugh or cry or look very angry, but does it make sense if you do not communicate? Now that is very important to remind yourself. Did I communicated? Is the message delivered as it should. Even the damn news can be distorted, the mass media. And you are talking about some individuals?! Communicate and Listen! This is what I want to be more aware of and hopefully you guys also do that to share or to prevent misunderstanding.

Actually, it doesn’t matter you are rich or poor, lucky or not, everyone has to overcome difficult situations and manage to solve problems. That is the reality of life! For example if I only post good news, you will never notice what I really went through except the good things. So, what I want to say is to be aware of this issue.

I often ask people, what cost it to be happy? Think about that.

I grew up surrounded by friends, which makes me very lucky. To me, friends are valuable. It is a very important part of my life. It gives more meaning to life sharing stories, helping eachother and remembering the precious moments. I can’t imagine the situation when people are looking for friends but they don’t have any. It must me a terrible feeling. I would recommend everyone to go out and seek. And very important, notice your current friends. Make some time free for your old friends and stay in touch.

What kind of person are you?

After a very nice dinner you noticed the delicious flavor and wrote it down.

A) You will only stick to that flavor.

B) You will try new flavors when offered.

C) You will seek new flavors.

I’m a curious person, so that makes me definitely a C. I enjoy the process of discovering new flavors, and I like to share and connect them. In this way you are not close or self-minded.

Last time I’m busy with lots of activities, so it could happen that I haven’t talk to you for a while. But you can always call me. Hopefully some can follow me via blogs and facebook. I ask your understanding. And for the silent readers out there, thank you for reading. I don’t mind if you show up a bit =)

‘This is a short blog from Alex, known as the joyful friend.’  ~