Limbo adventure

Today I went to Limbo. After a talk with the mentor, she guided us to the operation area. It was a new experience to me, getting in to the Avatar space craft 770 C is really exciting. Although, the machine is really high-tech with a futuristic design, I was actually not confident enough to leave my body with it. Helen is more experienced, so she took good care of me. Still I requested another safety guide and then we prepared for the operation.

We were divided in separate rooms next to each other. Our body were creamed in to prevent dehydration. After putting on the UV safety goggles we were ready to go. Then the door closed, the craft vibrated and the motor started to work, the noise increased. The sound of wind blowing in your ear. Then a woman’s voice guides me through the control panel. The speed and direction is controlled by your mind. I felt I was traveling at a high speed, it was not indicated at the display. I closed my eyes and relax. Soon I was in another dimension, my dream. I see images flyby like a film roll form, it looks like a futuristic advanced society. I see a big screen in front of me. I see aCreations broadcasting it’s own programs on Tv, running their own game show. Producing their own movies. Our name spread through the world. A lot of movie making, fun, and work for everybody.  I see people on the set working for our productions. I took the sport car and drove to our sportcenter in town. We have a sushi diner at our restaurant. Back in the penthouse I dive into the swimming pool where we have a party. The motor is turned down and the session was completed. Helen was waiting for me to check out.

I think none of you could guess right what I went through except Helen cause she was with me. Yeah this was my fantasy.

How would you feel if you are woken up like this by 2 crazy fun making monster girls at 3 a.m. when you need to get up early . .

As the cold wind whooshes over The Netherlands, my leather jacket is not enough to keep me warm. So I needed a padded winter jacket. There was not much choice downtown, so I went online shopping like Yesstyle and Zipia. Both have fashionable clothes. But I can’t wait 2 – 3 weeks . . So I decided to have a try in Rotterdam city.

Finally I have chosen for the jacket @ River Island. But unfortunately my size has been sold out. So therefore I need to travel to Amsterdam and I bought the last one!

Today is a special day. I was dropped out somewhere near the shopping district of Amsterdam. After a walk I get lost for a bit. The streets are small and gray, groups of guys hanging out. It was not a good feeling. Then I saw the neon sign writing Gay bar and I immediately switched my direction and walked away. Somehow, without noticing I was walking through the streets of the red light district, I said to myself, how did I came here . . ?! All of a sudden, some police officers were frisking a lady at the end of the street, she was barely clothed. It was a kind of strange situation but I told the officers that I am lost and could use some help and so they directed me to the right direction.

For the winter months I have to prepare Dark Angel and provide her with the best stuff to keep the ride nice and smooth. So I ordered one of the best quality brands in motor oil, it cost me 65 euro’s, this should be enough for the usage of a year.

Good news, good news! As you maybe know, Dark Angel got hit 2 months ago at the parking lot. See:

Porsche Ugly, Celica Beauty.

I claimed the damage at my insurance company, and the case was handed over to the Waarborg Fonds. An organisation in the Netherlands to help damages which are caused by a stolen vehicle or unknown vehicle where the driver left the situation without notice. A lot didn’t believed that the damage would be covered, even my father had no hope for it after 2 months. I also heard that it was quite strict and not easy to get their support. But I did it! I DID IT =D   I GOT THE MESSAGE, I CAN NOW GET DARK ANGEL TO THE BODY SHOP. YEEEEHAAAAA

A friend of mine said to me, you have just used ‘The law of attraction’. I do believe in the law of attraction =P