Dark Angel turns into an Angry bird

A good friend asked me this question today: He said I’ve heard your sister damaged your car. You must’ve been very mad at her aren’t you?

Surprisingly I answered him I didn’t.

What?! You didn’t? We all know that you take good care of your precious Dark Angel.

Do you know why?

A lot of friends would think, I have scolded on my sister for damaging my car. But it already have happened you know, and I know she feels sorry about it although she didn’t say it. Beside of that, she already had an car accident in the morning when she picked me up at the airport. So I shouldn’t give her any more than that. But what I really dislike is how she handle things. I mean you can do things wrong, but at least show some responsibility. I mean you could at least make it up or ask what to do right?

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