Strange accident last night

Last night I had a very strange car accident.
6 PM, It was dark outside, at the corner of my street I drove in a small street with cars parked at one side and the other side a river. Along this river there was a man standing  in the grass with his dog probably doing its ritual.
In my observation, they were at a distance of 2 meters before the dog turned wild.  At that moment my speed was around 40 km/h, then suddenly the dog ran across the street and bumped up to my car. It happened so fast. The man yelled at the dog loudly out of panic, and I stopped the car in a second. I just saw it happen. I mean i saw the dog sprinting for 2 meters and hit my car. The car’s engine fell out and of course I was shocked, worried and thinking what just happened. I wanted to step out the car instantly but then realizes to put the handbrake on, set the gear to free and the warning lights on. When I stepped out the car, I was surprised.

There was nobody on the street..


Perhaps this is a new beginning of a thriller story?

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To Be Continued…