ACSU Wushu class

KUNGFU KIDS !! Cool Right?

The first two weeks of the Wushu class was like oh my gosh, how did I land with those naughty kids?!

But after some weeks, I remember their names and the kids are starting to listen. So that makes it a bit easier. Some are really cute, some are very naughty. I think I must got my patient from my mother’s side, because most of them are teachers. And my father would do it more in the traditional strict and nervous way.

Working with kids is different, I try to be interactive and strict at times. Kids are playful.

Watching those kids doing Wushu makes me remember the old days, when I was just like one of them.

These pictures are taken after some weeks of training. We have one hour training session each Saturday.

To learn the art, one should be patient,

To teach the art, one should be patient,

Patience is vital to a good learner.

Patience is vital to a good teacher.

Wise man: Don’t give up, if this is the way.