Lunaire Perigeum

For the past thousands of years people were often looking to the sky for answers. There is so much that Astrology could tell us. Hidden information for only those who can read. Nowadays, it is hardly to see the sky clearly at night due to the modernization of our civilization. We are living our busy life, sitting behind the television and checking e-mail with you laptop. Being surround by all those electronic devices, we are not able to see the beautiful heaven which is just a movement away, just lift your head up and enjoy for a moment how amazing our existence really is.

The planet Earth looks like a blue marble seen from the outer space. Now, imagine life a few thousands years ago without computers and electric light bulbs. It would be so pure, clean and natural. The land so dark that you would walk up to a dune and see how beautiful the sky is with the moon and all the blinking stars.

It is now, that the moon is just 356.577 km away from planet Earth, I got a beautiful sight at the balcony.

Can you see it?

Shot by a friend of mine: