Congratulations was the message, Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah 😀

I didn’t noticed by myself but it was Xin who let me know that I’ve been selected. I checked the website of Cinemasia and yesh, it confirmed. My heartbeat increased immediately. I was so excited, that I couldn’t  think clear for a couple of hours, I felt the nerves even more than before a performance. The feeling was like a butterfly in your stomach.

My friends were excited for the announcement too, they asked me several times if I have heard from them or not. But I thought just let it be, don’t want to stress for it. So didn’t checked my mail continuously. The happiness came from inside out. I was smiling even when I slept 😀

I need to launch the website for aCreations as soon as possible. But .com & .nl is already occupied 🙁  So we need to find another alternative. We’ve put a Poll online see:

Tomorrow I have the introduction in Amsterdam, exciting!

A very normal but sunny saturday noon turns out to a very special day

A very normal but sunny saturday noon turns out to a very special day

After the Chinese school I went to ‘Wok to Go’ to visit Esther and have a brunch with Mandy and Yalen. But after half an hour Yalen still didn’t arrived. We couldn’t stand the hunger any longer so we decided to have a brunch at the Subway. I ordered a Chicken Teriyaki sandwich for the first time and it was tasty! Then Yalen arrived and he ordered a sandwich and shared with me because I was still hungry (so nice). After a bite I spit out the sandwich with the pepper! It is that spicy! Or I’m not a good spicy eater . . We had a good laugh and walked by the ‘Australian’, the ice-cream parlor. So we decided to buy ice-cream. It was a sunny midday and crowded in the ice-cream parlor. I ordered Straciatella and Cocos flavor, then the cashier forgot whether she gave the change or not, and I confirmed she did. While eating my ice-cream I was wondering how she could forget it and then Yalen said: ‘Why not, last time I received 10 euro’s of double change. ‘ Unluckily a girl next to me was the victim. I spit out the ice-cream right in her face, I couldn’t stop laughing on the ground and she was speechless and especially the cashier was like 😮 Yalen was laughing loudly with his mouth full of ice. So I apologized and we got away from the situation and we had our time. I felt really sorry for the girl but we really couldn’t stop laughing at all.

Then we arrived at the Wushu Team Utrecht gym court. Because of the sunny weather, they were training outside at the playground. Then I received a phone call that I have made to the finals with my synopsis for the entries of Cinemasia Filmlab Film Festival Contest and that they were expecting me at the interview in Amsterdam right now. But I didn’t check my mail the day before so I wasn’t aware of it. I was a bit surprised and so we get in the car but in front of us they were practicing Kung Fu, so we drove slowly forward and we got help from Ken and it was like parting a sea of people so that we could move out and we rushed home for the interview via Skype video-call. Of course I was quite happy and a bit nervous because I didn’t prepared for the interview. But I just told what I thought and hopefully they understood me.