Dark Angel turns into an Angry bird

A good friend asked me this question today: He said I’ve heard your sister damaged your car. You must’ve been very mad at her aren’t you?

Surprisingly I answered him I didn’t.

What?! You didn’t? We all know that you take good care of your precious Dark Angel.

Do you know why?

A lot of friends would think, I have scolded on my sister for damaging my car. But it already have happened you know, and I know she feels sorry about it although she didn’t say it. Beside of that, she already had an car accident in the morning when she picked me up at the airport. So I shouldn’t give her any more than that. But what I really dislike is how she handle things. I mean you can do things wrong, but at least show some responsibility. I mean you could at least make it up or ask what to do right?

Where’s the Dislike button..


Strange accident last night

Last night I had a very strange car accident.
6 PM, It was dark outside, at the corner of my street I drove in a small street with cars parked at one side and the other side a river. Along this river there was a man standing  in the grass with his dog probably doing its ritual.
In my observation, they were at a distance of 2 meters before the dog turned wild.  At that moment my speed was around 40 km/h, then suddenly the dog ran across the street and bumped up to my car. It happened so fast. The man yelled at the dog loudly out of panic, and I stopped the car in a second. I just saw it happen. I mean i saw the dog sprinting for 2 meters and hit my car. The car’s engine fell out and of course I was shocked, worried and thinking what just happened. I wanted to step out the car instantly but then realizes to put the handbrake on, set the gear to free and the warning lights on. When I stepped out the car, I was surprised.

There was nobody on the street..


Perhaps this is a new beginning of a thriller story?

What do you think happened next? Post it in my Facebook poll box.


To Be Continued…

New life – Damian is born

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take our breath away… good luck to my nephew Damian Hu ~

Found lost wallet and returned

A few days ago I found a wallet when on my way to the Wingchun school.
So after the evening lesson I brought it home and wanted to bring it over to the police station the next day, but didn’t know where the station is. So I decided to try contacting the owner by myself. I check the wallet, there was some cards ID and also cash and Octopus card. Then I also tried to find her on Facebook. But couldn’t find her. As I can just read basic Chinese I was asking my auntie’s help to see for clues. She said it is worth at least a few hundred dollars to apply for the missing cards. But then I found a company card, I thought she may be a client of that company and so I was calling.

Then they find her and we had contact after a few days.

So she took the taxi and rushed to destination and we met each other in Yuen Long. She had a Micky Mouse T-shirt, and I have my dragonstail hairstyle + I was walking with this sack in my hand so it must be very obvious.

She was of course happy with the return and we took a picture together which I wanted to share with you.

Then she offered me a cash reward and I refused it. As I am always open to know new friends, so coincidentally,
the next day I received a text message from her. She was thankful and suggested to share the photo on Facebook . So she became the 471 Like of my Facebook page.

I have added a voting box to my www.facebook.com/alexcheung.nl : What would you do if you see a lost wallet on the street?
The voters are most likely the group of nice people, they are honest and righteous. But how many people show their real thoughts or feelings? You won’t know, this is the society we live in. Is it true that if there’s good then there’s also bad. And within the bad there is good, as the good can be bad. ~ 大部分都是好人才发表, 但是有多少人是说心底话呢? 之人口面不知心, 就是我们今天的社会. 是不是有好就有坏,坏中有好, 好也有坏呢?

Flight to Hong Kong


Breakfast: French baguette with smoked salmon yummy

I’m ready for my flight at 12.40 and after the check in and customs there was an office.. Tax free office.. so I was interested and walked to the counter and asked the madame what the office does. Her desk was by the way full of receipts.. 😛 Then she made clear to me that this service is only for foreigners traveling, they can claim the tax payed for the goods at the Tax Free zone, but as Dutch citizens they say its tax free but it’s actually not. Good to know, I continued for my flight haha

before I take my fight I looked for some souvenirs..






What is so special about this hat, well it’s warm for in the cold winter haha

My sister is fond of this textile material, she would love it. (she already have one, a bear or panda was it)

So here we are at the gateway Schiphol Amsterdam Holland.

Let’s see what Cathay have to offer on the menu, I can remember good food flying with Cathay. I was hungry! I had two extra croissants and went to the kitchen and snacked a little bit and you know what, I even asked the stewardess personal snacks and she treat me the Dutch waffles! It was tasty! Let me share you my flight menu:

I haven’t slept much, I think I have starred to the monitor for more than 8 hours. I watched 3 movies, Planet of the Apes which is a good one, didn’t watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4, hope to see it with my friends later. Some tv shows and some interesting interviews like Paco with guests Wong Jing and Leung famous film directors from Hong Kong sharing their stories as filmmakers.

You see, good appetite right?

So while having my instant noodles I was checking for other TV programs and guess what is among the list of programs, Kung Fu Supernova!

I was surprised that even in the plane I can watch Kung Fu Supernova, how would it be to see yourself in a tv show in the plane?


Small chang for good, my last bit of Euros.


For more photos and streaming newsfeed go to : www.facebook.com/alexcheung.nl

The younger Chinese generation (invitation)

This year is the celebration of 100 years Chinese in Holland. We have seen a lot from the first and second generations Chinese in Holland now, and wondering what will the future look like with the younger Chinese generation. Therefore 20 youngsters are selected to be portrayed in this exhibition.

There will be portraits about  their ambition, dreams and future. It is my honor to be showcased as one of the youngsters during this exhibition and a pleasure to me working with Eveline and Pay-Uun for the interview and photo session.

Stopera is literally the combination of the city hall of Amsterdam and Opera (music theater) in one building in the center of Amsterdam.

The photo show will be available until 2 December 2011 in the Stopera Amsterdam. This Saturday 29th of October, 14.00 – 16.00 Andre Es (wethouder/alderman) will be opening this great event with a speech.

Hope to you meet you there.

Photos by Eveline Renaud professional photographer  &  Documented by Volkskrant journalist Pay-Uun Hiu

Source: http://www.100jaarchinezen.nl/



New Haircut by my fashion hairstylist

I took the train from Utrecht to my hairstylist in Rotterdam City and it took me about an hour. Yes, for a new haircut.

But she’s really worth it 😉

While sitting there you may think, noo not too short, but after all it looks quite good. At least, the girls are looking twice, which is i believe a score.

My hairstylist is very nice, and a very special woman. With a strong character she can be very mean but she looks very good and nice at her age. She definitely knows her taste and got her degree in Fashion design, hairstylist and visage. She have worked in Hong Kong and also for TVB with artist. So it is quite interesting while having a nice chitchat with her. I really like her personality, she’s nice but to the point and also got lot of talents and interests like I do. For example she plays the piano, and Tai Chi, likes kung fu but doesn’t practice it. She love to see it, and she is very very good at Chinese chess, once being a champion in Hong Kong. She did competition diving and now she loves to design haircut, that’s her passion to do. Perfection. We have things similar and I learn a lot from her just to talk with her. She’s very kind to me too, and you know what, she told me last that she checked my facebook and youtube channel and she love the things we do, the videos we made. I was like, omg noo hhahaa, because we have some lol making videos which doesn’t make sense at all haha. but ya she told me she would have joined us if she’s that young. She enjoys by watching just because we are having so much fun. The next time I’ll take a photo with her just to introduce her to you 🙂


I can still remember.. 2 March, 2011 – I went to her the day before my birthday for a new fresh haircut. She learned me to play ‘Wei Qi’ which is Chinese chess. She’s goood.. haha and in the train back home I had a quite interesting happening. There was a lady sitting at the other side of the window with another granny.. after some time she stepped to me and leant over, her face was quite close to me and she was asking me: Do you belief in Jezus?

Then I looked deep in her eyes. There were different colors in her eye. For a moment there was a silence. Then I answered her, well it is a historical person so why not? Then she gave me a flyer of a church and then get back to her seat. The granny was smiling at me. She was a bit creepy, but nevertheless I smiled back. Then I asked the lady while sitting there, excuse me madam, may I ask you why you picked me out? I mean, there are so many others in the train why did you asked me that question? Then she answered, I felt that.


Google Google oh Google.. When I was looking for a cheap ticket from Amsterdam to Hong Kong, a friend told me that Google launched its new online flight tickets search machine for finding the lowest fares. So I tried the online search machine www.google.com/flights, and unfortunately it resulted to this: ‘Sorry, locations outside the U.S. are currently not supported.’

For the friends outside the States, I think we can come back later 🙂


TVB – Kung Fu Star show

When I left Wudang Mountain, I headed South towards the Guangdong district and finally back home in Hong Kong. It was a great experience at Wudang and I didn’t expected another adventure during my stay in China.

TVB Kung Fu Star (全球功夫新星)which is broadcasting this evening in Hong Kong. I feel lucky to have this opportunity to show my talent and potential. I am proud to represent Holland to compete against other contestants. This program stimulates Martial Arts in media and therefore it got my full support, good idea!

It perfectly fits into my Journey to the East adventure. And I can say during my stay in China, I had lots of great experiences and met lots of people, including masters by fate.

I also want to thank all the friends for supporting my Kung Fu Star 全球功夫新星 appearance. Even when I am in Hong Kong, I’ve got your support. And I actually did not expected so many people were able to come and support me at TVB 全球功夫新星show. But the most touching moment for me was actually when I finished my first form, hear the warm applause at the background, then I can see my grandfather sitting next to the jury in the middle of the audience is standing up. He is so excited and happy seeing his grandson doing so well. Because I can finally show him that I am already grown up. Since he does not really know my active life in Holland. Their recognition is my challenge during this visit back home in Hong Kong, and nothing better than this performance can express my thoughts and summarize my performance for the past few years. So I’m glad everything went so well. I want to win this price for my grandfathers big birthday. It would be the perfect present.