Found lost wallet and returned

A few days ago I found a wallet when on my way to the Wingchun school.
So after the evening lesson I brought it home and wanted to bring it over to the police station the next day, but didn’t know where the station is. So I decided to try contacting the owner by myself. I check the wallet, there was some cards ID and also cash and Octopus card. Then I also tried to find her on Facebook. But couldn’t find her. As I can just read basic Chinese I was asking my auntie’s help to see for clues. She said it is worth at least a few hundred dollars to apply for the missing cards. But then I found a company card, I thought she may be a client of that company and so I was calling.

Then they find her and we had contact after a few days.

So she took the taxi and rushed to destination and we met each other in Yuen Long. She had a Micky Mouse T-shirt, and I have my dragonstail hairstyle + I was walking with this sack in my hand so it must be very obvious.

She was of course happy with the return and we took a picture together which I wanted to share with you.

Then she offered me a cash reward and I refused it. As I am always open to know new friends, so coincidentally,
the next day I received a text message from her. She was thankful and suggested to share the photo on Facebook . So she became the 471 Like of my Facebook page.

I have added a voting box to my : What would you do if you see a lost wallet on the street?
The voters are most likely the group of nice people, they are honest and righteous. But how many people show their real thoughts or feelings? You won’t know, this is the society we live in. Is it true that if there’s good then there’s also bad. And within the bad there is good, as the good can be bad. ~ 大部分都是好人才发表, 但是有多少人是说心底话呢? 之人口面不知心, 就是我们今天的社会. 是不是有好就有坏,坏中有好, 好也有坏呢?