Dancing with Water – The Way to Discern the Wisdom of Life

The Highest State of Good – Water choreographed and directed by Miranda Chin, we met each other in Wudang mountain by fate, I was their to learn from Tao and Wudang Kung Fu and she was their for inspiration. Now we’ve become good friends. And this evening i’m invited to her performance.

Dancing with Water – The Way to Discern the Wisdom of Life
25-26 November 2011 (Fri-Sat) 20.00
Hong Kong Theatre, Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre

Tickets $150,- / $180,-


Funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s Multi-project Grant, Miranda Chin Dance Company will be presenting the multifaceted aspect of contemporary Chinese culture and dance by way of a series of lectures/workshops and exhibitions in various universities in 2009-2010, introducing Chinese philosophy, martial arts, taichi, traditional Chinese medicine, sculpture, wall art, folk dance, literature and Chinese operas, etc., in order that today’s students can experience first-hand and understand the origin of Chinese culture and the development and creation of contemporary arts, thereby enhancing their knowledge of Chinese culture.

1.) Wuji – “Philosophy, Martial Arts, Taichi”
Chinese martial arts is a unique philosophy of body movements. In terms of space, time and form, it not only assumes the beauty of sculpture and dynamics, but is also a rich combination of solid movements. No wonder Tai Chi is reputed to be the most typical of all martial arts dances. The content mainly introduces the concept of taijirumu (“taichi in dance”), which means the assimilation of the element of taichi martial arts into dance and matching it with different kinds of music to present a new mode of artistic performance. Traditional taichi is consisted of rhythmic motions of various kinds of circles. Taichiquan’s cadence is guiding qi with consciousness and achieving the oneness of form and spirit. “Stillness in motion, motion in stillness. Looks still yet mobile, looks mobile yet still.” Also introduced is the history of the dance company’s creation of the seven episodes of the Wuji series, as well as the relationships between martial arts and Chinese culture.