Yesh, I am a millionaire!

Don’t be silly, it is too early to dream my friend.

1) If I am a millionaire I wouldn’t have said that.

2) If I am a millionaire, I wouldn’t write blogs by myself. How sad! Perhaps let my secretary do that.

3) If I won the million dollars jackpot, not a single dollar is wasted. No, I will send it directly to charity funds.

(you know I won’t . . . I mean win a million dollars =)

But What about a BIG house

or a Penthouse on Top of the City?

wow isn’t it?

with a Polo Blue Motion parked at the front door

and an Aston Martin Rapide in the garage. (it’s only 259.000 euros for the 6,0-liter V12 engine with design and hand-craftsmanship)

and of course I would buy each of you a delicious soft ice-cream at the local Mcdonald =)

a Dream come true right, No? Then what would you suggest?

Okay, none of them are true. So, let’s get to reality.

The reason why I wrote this blog, is because I was annoyed by those scam mailings. I mean, the last two weeks I thought I won the Spanish lottery draw twice! Which I have never paid for.

I have received many of these Phising mails, fake websites just looks like the original ones and often directs users to enter details. Those fake website are almost identical to the legitimate one. So please be careful and think twice before you click on suspected websites and remember not to share your personal details so easily!

“In the United Kingdom losses from web banking fraud—mostly from phishing—almost doubled to GB£23.2m in 2005, from GB£12.2m in 2004.” So, they must be millionaires now with their fishing businesses. You must be patient with that I guess.

Take a look at the next three examples which I have received recently. It is quite funny if you focus on the details and hopefully, this will  bring up your awareness to this matter.

Funny right?

Have you ever looked in your junk mail? I think it must be horrible if your filter stops working!

If you received these mails too? Post it here below and share your thoughts.