The way the story goes . .

When I was driving around in my Dark Angel. I was thinking, and slowly water drops blurred my view that street lightnings changed to blinking stars. Is it because this song was playing?

Then everywhere I go, it started to rain.

I woke up and turned my steering wheel immediately, I hit the brakes.

Shocked, but still there in my Dark Angel.

You got me stuck. I’m not kidding. Your call was devastating for a moment I thought. But I was wrong, I can still feel the wound. It hurts. I was really disappointed. I can barely describe it in words for what I felt, it was more a mix of different feelings which caused an internal conflict. What really hurts me is not the deeds, but the words you said.

I like to play piano, because it is comfortable and soothing. So, I expressed my feelings through music. That’s a way how I release my emotions.

It’s just the emotion, that took me over when I hear you guys talking, it made me think back. I don’t want to talk, I had no mind to eat. But if it makes you feel better.. Cuz in my mind, we should have talked the day before . . I hope you really start understanding me.

I have already given for you, you know I care about you. I am standing there right where you need me. But I’m sick of it! No I can’t forget this evening, or your face as you were crying.
I remember all the words you said to me, and the things you did for me.

I’m happy to hear that you want to cook for me. Perhaps, nothing more than that could do it better. I thought, that is the turning point. But then … you confuse me again.. How could you let this go?! You really got me wrong!

I find it difficult, it hurts me so much to be mad on you. I’m afraid . .
When I’m standing there on the other side of the bridge waiting to cross, it seems to me that you have not found the bridge yet. Is it because of the dust or what?

Could time give us an answer. No, it is not time.
I feel so cold.. please heal the wound before it changes, I don’t want a scar.