Mystery Kungfu Man

This evening, I have met someone very interesting and inspiring to me.
I went to a local Ving Tsun School to check out how their lessons are given, and hopefully to pick up something. I had made an appointment with the instructor to come by. Then I told Kithang about it and he picked up Koon and Waila where they just had kungfu training. So we arrived at the Ving Tsun School. Then Kithang yelled; I need to fight ten! But there were only 6 students. No, I’m joking. But it was really like we are in for a challenge. Later on my friends left the school because the instructor didn’t appreciated people watching alongside..
I had a chat about Vingtsun and he checked my background, I just said I do kungfu but not this style, and asked about their lineage. This was the Wong Shun Leung line, who is a student of Yip Man. Also trainer/sihing of Bruce Lee. To me it was quite confusing, not trying to show my kungfu knowledge but actually repeating the same moves and theory that I already know. The worst part was when the instructor sent a student to teach me the first basic form. I almost did the complete form, he was like, wow this guy picks it up really fast. Then they did some sticky hands which is the most interesting part of it. But I was not surprised. In my opinion the lesson was quite boring and not inspiring to me at all. There was a lack of sphere and spirit. The class was not energized.
After the class at ten, one of the students came to me. He said; Young man, are you the kungfu man on the tv show?
AC: Yeah, we all look alike, but I’m not Jackie, neither jet nor Donnie.
Mystery man; You must be the wingchun master from Hong Kong to check out our kungfu right?!
AC: Haha, I wish I am. Nice to meet you, I’m Alex Cheung.
We both laughed and so we started talking about Kungfu. Bak Mei, the different lineage of Vingtsun or Wingchun, Leung Ting, Wan Kam Leung and Wong Shun Leung. He also practiced Bak Mei so we had things common. When everybody went home, we were standing at the street talking about Kungfu. He said to me: Finally, I found someone really knows about Kungfu! Well, that is what I can tell you is not very often, first you’ll need to have the chance to meet up someone who is willing to share with you about the inner thoughts, then you’ll have to be aware of the existence. Otherwise you wouldn’t even notice when a master is standing in front of you, ha ha ha and missing all the heavenly glory. I believe there are always good and bad things, if you are open minded, you’ll able to find the balance. Just when I thought I wasted my time at the gym court I met this inspiring person. It made me think of my Bak Mei master. So pure, just standing at mid street in the dark with some streetlights doing kungfu. Very cool silent sphere in the midnight darkness.
We showed some movements, and surprisingly the old man did a split in front of me! We talked about the internal kungfu essence until someone opened up the window and yelled: Quite! People are obviously trying to sleep. I check the time and we’ve talked for 2 hours! Wow, isn’t it amazing. Wushu one family. It doesn’t matter you have age difference or what nationality you have, it connects martial artists.

The deepness of Kung Fu . . .