Happy Chinese Moonfestival中秋節快樂!


This evening I am having a live interview at CRTV Radio 21.00 in Amsterdam. There is an Chinese Songwriters event and then I will perform a Kungfu form for the opening. I wish everybody a happy Moonfestival and enjoy the time with your family and friends with the traditional Mooncake.

The Hague (Den Haag) Wudao Dragons Kungfu show

The performance last weekend was outstanding, spectacular, it is the premiere of our new slapstick comedy ACT, which is the Wudao Dragons story of the Moonfestival.  I will upload the pictures tonight! Cheers 🙂



Chinese Lunar Party @ RASA Utrecht

3 Feb. 2011 – How do you celebrate the Chinese New Year?

This was one of the questions they asked me on the Dutch National Radio interview. I volunteered bringing people together as a performing artist, co-organizer of this wonderful cultural celebration of Chinese New Year event at RASA, theater for World Cultures bringing them joy and happiness. Of course, Chinese New Year is less amusing then in China. But we try to make the best out of it! We should enrich culture!

Chinese New Year is the most spectacular day of the year. Everybody in China is celebrating it, fireworks, a lot of good food and traditional dishes, snacks and more. The sphere is really nice. Married couples give red envelope with brand new notes inside, known as Hong Bao in Mandarin and Lai See in Cantonese, to unmarried, most of whom are children. A gift which is given during holidays or special occasions. The red color symbolizes good luck and ward off evil, known in Eastern countries. A lot of happiness and joy, family and friends come together and have dinner.

This morning I took Dark Angel to the car-wash. She was dirty, so I took her to a shower. While driving through the wash lane another TV programmer called me. The situation made it quite funny.

Now she’s clean & shiny I immediately drove to a college in Alkmaar, which is about an hour driving from Utrecht. There I had to give a Kungfu workshop to the VWO pupils. They had a China theme and different Chinese cultural workshops.

This college offers the subject; Chinese language. There should be more of these schools in Holland. This is a great opportunity for the new generation. When I was in college I didn’t had this wonderful offer!

Here are some pictures, there were 55 teenagers! Wow, this is amazing. I didn’t had a microphone but still it went really good and they were all enthusiast about this art. I’m happy that I also emphasized on the philosophy and culture of Chinese Kungfu, instead of the physical movements.

It is important that the youth learn to know their body. Balancing the body without errors. That, what is out of balance, is dangerous. This is the same in life. Overdoing or not living in harmony with nature, is risky.

Learning Kungfu keeps them fit and healthy. Purifying the mind, and to be aware of the surroundings by forgetting them. It is an art that comes with a deep philosophy.

First of all, the pupils are all stiff, and not flexible. Except for some girls in the group, but they need strength.

You have to loosen your muscle to relax and adjust to the flow of the movement. If you want to eat, you have to open your mouth right?

It was amazing to see such a big group of Western students practicing Chinese Kungfu, it gives me self-satisfaction. I am proud of you guys!

After this class I had to rush back to Utrecht. The weather was fine, so I enjoyed driving. In Utrecht I had to go to the RASA Theater for the Wu Dao Dragons performance  in the evening. This event was organized by Kosmopolis Utrecht, Rasa, ACSU, Wu Dao Dragons, Stichting Lai Yin and local entrepreneurs. But we had to do the rehearsal and technical stuff. I didn’t had lot of sleep, because I was editing the Music Video for the performance till deep in the night. Everything was a bit in a hurry, but it was a good show. I really appreciated the warm support and enjoyed the sphere.

It was definitely different backstage, but that is the perspective of the performing artist. Although the technical problems and preparation, I have to say Congratulations Wu Dao Dragons! It was really good to see people enjoying the show. If the our music video worked well on the background, it would be even better! You know what, it is always the technical problems,  it is not the first time. Last year with the China Festivals the music also went down when Koon hit the floor. Guess what, this is the second time! And we changed the sequence, but what a coincidence he had problems with the music when he was doing his solo. Yup, I just find it really sad for him but appreciate his professional spirit and persistence. To me it was quite stressful fixing the technical problems with the technician, because you want to concentrate on the performance. It needs a lot of focus. I’m happy to have Leon and Weije here as our presenters, both good friends of mine. In the back of this picture you see Bas as the DJ. We all know each other and that is so beautiful about it when we combine our strength we can make something together, which we should be proud of ourselves.

Later that eve, we had another performance. This was for the club party at the same location.

Finally at 22.30 we can change clothes and have a drink and a chitchat with our friends in the club party. Pack in and time for some pictures 😉 So this was my Lunar year instead of having dinner with family. Stressful but exciting and self satisfying. When I hear the applause and the smiles I’ll forget all the hard work.

I would like to thank everybody who came to see us, our performance and participated the Chinese NY event. The sphere was really great. I love it! Special thanks to my sister & Ck for the help.

It was a heavy day, fully planned, workshop and two performances.. and all the other organisational things and problems between. There are times that I am so stressed by the pressure, but I never had given up for the things I did.

During hectic and stressful times, I’d like to relax my self by taking a hot tube, I try to stay under the water as long as I can hold my breath. This will loosen me completely. This is the way I relax & recharge myself. Another good help is a nice massage. Burn a home scent and put on relaxing music. That will calm you down by feeling, smelling and hearing it. Maybe it will work for you too.

I get my inspiration from the daily life and I’ll think about it when I go to bed. In my sleep, it’s processing the memories and fantasy.

Alex Cheung training Butterfly Twist

The Butterfly Twist. Somewhere deep in my childhood memories, remembering my Wushu Sifu in his white shaolin vest demonstrated it in those days. Wow, I still find it very cool.

Realizes more and more that for demonstration purposes, showing kungfu is not enough, what is useful does not always looks good. Especially if not a practitioner of kungfu you can easily be blinded by the fancy movements and flying kicks etc. which the average spectator applause for.

So I decided to take some time of my training schedule to learn more of these good looking moves . .

Mystery Kungfu Man

This evening, I have met someone very interesting and inspiring to me.
I went to a local Ving Tsun School to check out how their lessons are given, and hopefully to pick up something. I had made an appointment with the instructor to come by. Then I told Kithang about it and he picked up Koon and Waila where they just had kungfu training. So we arrived at the Ving Tsun School. Then Kithang yelled; I need to fight ten! But there were only 6 students. No, I’m joking. But it was really like we are in for a challenge. Later on my friends left the school because the instructor didn’t appreciated people watching alongside..
I had a chat about Vingtsun and he checked my background, I just said I do kungfu but not this style, and asked about their lineage. This was the Wong Shun Leung line, who is a student of Yip Man. Also trainer/sihing of Bruce Lee. To me it was quite confusing, not trying to show my kungfu knowledge but actually repeating the same moves and theory that I already know. The worst part was when the instructor sent a student to teach me the first basic form. I almost did the complete form, he was like, wow this guy picks it up really fast. Then they did some sticky hands which is the most interesting part of it. But I was not surprised. In my opinion the lesson was quite boring and not inspiring to me at all. There was a lack of sphere and spirit. The class was not energized.
After the class at ten, one of the students came to me. He said; Young man, are you the kungfu man on the tv show?
AC: Yeah, we all look alike, but I’m not Jackie, neither jet nor Donnie.
Mystery man; You must be the wingchun master from Hong Kong to check out our kungfu right?!
AC: Haha, I wish I am. Nice to meet you, I’m Alex Cheung.
We both laughed and so we started talking about Kungfu. Bak Mei, the different lineage of Vingtsun or Wingchun, Leung Ting, Wan Kam Leung and Wong Shun Leung. He also practiced Bak Mei so we had things common. When everybody went home, we were standing at the street talking about Kungfu. He said to me: Finally, I found someone really knows about Kungfu! Well, that is what I can tell you is not very often, first you’ll need to have the chance to meet up someone who is willing to share with you about the inner thoughts, then you’ll have to be aware of the existence. Otherwise you wouldn’t even notice when a master is standing in front of you, ha ha ha and missing all the heavenly glory. I believe there are always good and bad things, if you are open minded, you’ll able to find the balance. Just when I thought I wasted my time at the gym court I met this inspiring person. It made me think of my Bak Mei master. So pure, just standing at mid street in the dark with some streetlights doing kungfu. Very cool silent sphere in the midnight darkness.
We showed some movements, and surprisingly the old man did a split in front of me! We talked about the internal kungfu essence until someone opened up the window and yelled: Quite! People are obviously trying to sleep. I check the time and we’ve talked for 2 hours! Wow, isn’t it amazing. Wushu one family. It doesn’t matter you have age difference or what nationality you have, it connects martial artists.

The deepness of Kung Fu . . .

Alex Cheung’s Official Website launched!

Yesh! Here it is, my new website. I ordered the website package yesterday and it is online the day after. Wow, isn’t it amazing! Ofcourse this couldn’t without the help of Xin, a good friend of mine, [applause].  I’m adding new contents to complete this website so it will be a busy weekend for me =)

I have to go to class tomorrow morning and then the Kungfu Club, so I’m going to get some rest right now. See ya!