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I’m so happy, not only because of the sunshine the past few days, it is VICTORY !! I won 2 and a half battle! I’m so excited, because it took us years! And now, it is reality! We won the legal proceedings!! What happened? We had an issue for a few years with the new […]

Chinese Lunar Party @ RASA Utrecht

3 Feb. 2011 – How do you celebrate the Chinese New Year? This was one of the questions they asked me on the Dutch National Radio interview. I volunteered bringing people together as a performing artist, co-organizer of this wonderful cultural celebration of Chinese New Year event at RASA, theater for World Cultures bringing them […]

Woohooo, NCRV Package Post!!

Hiya’ll !! I got the DVD’s of the NCRV television game show – I know where your house lives! With me, my family and friends. This show was shot in December 2010 and will be broadcasting on 5th of March 2011, 20.00 Themakanaal Spirit24 or www.spirit24.nl Tonight, I invited via Facebook the cast of the […]

ACSSNL – Chinese Lunar Festival

It was way too early this morning! But it was nice to see how a group of Chinese exchange students from all different cities in Holland set up a big show in Theater De Muze in Noordwijk to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The Chinese Embassy and local news were present. Unfortunately, I don’t have […]


This afternoon, at a sudden moment, I stopped working. I felt that I should go out and take a break, not a Kitkat. I just shut down my laptop and took the keys and get in the car. I started the motor, lowered the windows and drove around, I had no destination in mind. If […]

2011: The year of the rabbit

In Chinese Horoscopes 2011 is The Year of the Rabbit. The Year of the Rabbit starts on 03 February 2011 and ends on 22 January 2012. It seems to be a good year to me, because I am a lucky rabbit. Chinese Astrological Signs use the lunar calendar and the Chinese New Year falls somewhere […]

Shooting My Dearest Mastermind

Art. 273 Charity Foundation wants to influence the public opinion of human trafficking. To rise the awareness of those criminal activities and issues around the world. Mission Art. 273 : abolishing human trafficking by: making injustice visible influencing public opinion creating awareness supporting local projects ART273 from art273 on Vimeo. Did you know that Human […]

On the set of Amsterdam Heavy

Shooting Day 1 – @ Rotterdam 06:30 am – The day started very early in the morning. It is still dark and grey outside. I didn’t had much sleep, and so are Koon & David. They took a nap while listening to the warm relaxing ballads. It was so quiet. The building use to be […]