Woohooo, NCRV Package Post!!

Hiya’ll !! I got the DVD’s of the NCRV television game show – I know where your house lives! With me, my family and friends. This show was shot in December 2010 and will be broadcasting on 5th of March 2011, 20.00 Themakanaal Spirit24 or www.spirit24.nl

Tonight, I invited via Facebook the cast of the Chinese Family, the supporters who participated this show, for the premiere!! 😀

Thanks for the support everyone! It was really fun and so happy to represent the Chinese group. NCRV gives out 5 DVD copies for the team members.

I’ll try to get approval to put it online at www.aCreations.org so that you guys can check out online too!

NCRV Broadcasting at Dutch National TV Channel 2 – Spirit24